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September 13, 2012  |   Comments (2)   |   Post a comment

New system automates stop-arm running enforcement

In light of the growing trend to install exterior cameras on school buses to help capture and deter illegal passing, American Traffic Solutions and AngelTrax partnered to create CrossingGuard. The progressive system can capture footage and process violations automatically, without driver interaction.

by Brittni Rubin

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CrossingGuard is strategically placed on the exterior of a school bus to detect and capture stop-arm violations that occur while the school bus stop arm is extended. Installation is free for school districts and 100% violator funded.

CrossingGuard is strategically placed on the exterior of a school bus to detect and capture stop-arm violations that occur while the school bus stop arm is extended. Installation is free for school districts and 100% violator funded.

American Traffic Solutions (ATS) and AngelTrax recently partnered to create an external school bus camera system, CrossingGuard, which can both capture illegal school bus passing events and process citations automatically.

ATS is a provider of road safety camera solutions and traffic violation management services, while AngelTrax offers mobile surveillance technology for school buses and other industries.  

“Since ATS is in the automatic ticketing business, they looked to us for a partner that could offer a system innovative enough to automatically detect violations,” says Richie Howard, president and CEO of AngelTrax.

CrossingGuard is powered by AngelTrax’s IntelliGuard Stop Arm Violation system. The enabling hardware features patent-pending technology that automatically detects stop arm violators that enter the enforced zone from either the rear or oncoming direction while the stop arm is extended.

If a vehicle illegally breaches the enforced zone, CrossingGuard’s camera captures a view of each vehicle and its license plate. This segment of the recording is automatically marked, along with a couple seconds’ window before and after. The footage is then wirelessly transferred via ATS’ private connection directly to Phoenix, where the camera-captured stop-arm violations are processed.

With CrossingGuard’s technology, uploading can occur anywhere — on the road or in the docking station — as long as there is a 3G or 4G wireless network available.

“For most stop-arm cameras on the market, a staff must manually sift through the footage to search for violations, but CrossingGuard does that automatically; every video that comes into Arizona is a violation,” Howard says.

Issuing authorities in Phoenix then review the footage, and a decision is made on whether to send out a citation.

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I think this is top tech. and violators should be prosecuted!As a school bus driver....we can't stop those who go through our stop arms, but we can educate our students not to cross unless they see our hand signal that indicates it is safe to do so. I now use a "Steffi Crosser" to cross my students. They can clearly see my hand signal through the reflection that's on the windshield! I teach them "If You don't see this, You don't CROSS". EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE!

Student Safety    |    Sep 15, 2012 07:01 AM

This must be absolutely the best invention since the telephone!!! Should be a FEDERAL requirement for ANY school bus in these United States. It is VIOLATOR supported - that is PRICELESS. Any reasonable and logical thinking person would request these for all their district school buses especially if the respective school system is experiencing traffic issues with stop-arm violators. Children are killed by the people driving through school bus extended stop-arms. They should be fined through a citation traffic device such as this invention. Now - take this device to our United States Congress and get congressional approval. Any school bus used on bus routes transporting public school students in the United States should be equipped with this device as a Federally required safety device. Think of all the lives that can be saved. Let us all know how well received this device is by Congress please. Dan - Indiana

Dan Luttrell    |    Sep 13, 2012 05:29 PM

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