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August 11, 2011  |   Comments (1)   |   Post a comment

LEDs Offer an Array of Advantages

Suppliers of light-emitting diode (LED) systems say they provide greater longevity, visibility and efficiency. Here, we provide details on some of the latest LED units for school buses.

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The 1020-9000 Series LED Warning Lamp from Weldon combines advanced electronics with a conventional idea of serviceable parts. The warning lamp allows the lens to be changed or the LEDs to be upgraded, eliminating the need to replace the entire light if a part becomes damaged — thus reducing landfill waste. The 1020-9000 series was designed to reduce hazardous chemicals such as lead in the manufacturing process. The lamp uses V-LED technology for superior thermal effi ciency with extraordinary brightness. It offers strobe and standard fl ash in one lamp.


The 1017-9000 Series is a single LED lamp designed for long-term service and low life cycle costs. It is a serviceable, maintainable and upgradable stop, tail turn, and backup light that uses V-LED technology. The light features a replaceable cover lens, low power consumption/amperage draw, and exceptional brightness and signaling power. It mounts to all existing 7-inch bolt patterns for easy retrofit. The scratchresistant acrylic lens provides UV resistance and improved clarity. The solid, die-cast aluminum base prevents rust.

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