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August 11, 2011  |   Comments (1)   |   Post a comment

LEDs Offer an Array of Advantages

Suppliers of light-emitting diode (LED) systems say they provide greater longevity, visibility and efficiency. Here, we provide details on some of the latest LED units for school buses.

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Heavy Duty Bus Parts
Heavy Duty Bus Parts Inc., which manufactures UltraLED school bus lighting, is updating its eight-way warning lamp with a 7-inch rapid flash/steady state light. The light requires only nine LEDs to operate and surpasses the photometry of the current 124-LED version. The change is in the direction of company President Brandon Billingsley’s vision that most LED lamps will require only a single LED for the required photometry in the near future as technology continues to improve. Reducing the number of LEDs in the lamp also reduces the need for support components and solder points, which are more likely to cause a product failure than the light-emitting diodes themselves. Therefore, fewer LEDs creates a more reliable lamp.

The most popular lamp in Heavy Duty Bus Part’s UltraLED product line (using a single 1-watt LED) is the 9500 LED stop-arm interchange. Made in the U.S., the 9500 has also been updated to use nylon-polycarbonate housing and is completely sealed for an IP67 rating. The lamp replaces the incandescent bulb originally used in the stop arm, with the same base and socket, for a quick and easy upgrade to LED technology. The lamp is low cost and simple to install, and the built-in rapid flash is proven to reduce illegal passing, according to the company. With a five-year warranty, the UltraLED 9500 virtually eliminates service repairs on stop-arm lamps.

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