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November 01, 2002  |   Comments (0)   |   Post a comment

Tips for Safe Wheelchair Lift Use

Suggestions from the Pupil Transportation Safety Institute

1. A level loading area must be determined before the lift is lowered. Curbs and other obstacles must be avoided. 2. Parking brake must be set. 3. Lift door must be secured when opened. 4. Student’s wheelchair passenger restraint should be checked before chair is placed on lift. 5. On the lift, the wheelchair should be positioned close to the bus, facing out. 6. If the lift is equipped with a safety belt, it must be fastened. 7. Students must keep hands in their laps to avoid being pinched in the lift mechanism. 8. Either bus aide or driver must have a hand on the wheelchair at all times while it is on the lift. 9. Wheelchair brakes must be set. 10. While lift is operated, do not stand directly under or in front of it. 11. The “safety lip” at the front of the lift must be operational and in the raised position. 12. Head clearance should be checked as student moves through lift door. 13. Most important: Avoid distractions until child is safely boarded or discharged. 14. Close and secure lift and door as soon as child is discharged. Sadly, bus drivers have driven away with the lift still out. Source: Special Needs Transportation Trainee Workbook, Pupil Transportation Safety Institute. For more info, call (800) 836-2210 or visit

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