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November 01, 2001  |   Comments (0)   |   Post a comment

Evacuation of Pre-School Kids

6 steps toward emergency preparedness

1. Have a written evacuation plan, including how to evacuate pre-school age children and other passengers in child safety restraint systems (CSRS). This written plan should be provided to drivers, monitors, and emergency response personnel. 2. Practice evacuation drills on a scheduled basis, at least as often as is required for the school system’s school-aged children. 3. Train all transportation personnel in evacuation and emergency procedures, including those in the written school bus evacuation plan. 4. Make sure to have seat belt cutters on all school buses carrying children in CSRSs. Cutters should be accessible only to the driver and monitors. 5. Do not place CSRSs in school bus seats adjacent to emergency exits. 6. Provide a written plan to emergency response teams, including the process for evacuating pre-schoolers. Invite emergency response personnel to participate in evacuation drills. Source: NHTSA’s “Guideline for the Safe Transportation of Pre-School Age Children in School Buses,”

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