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<p>Thousands of stop-arm violations like the one depicted here occur every day thoughout the U.S.<br /><font size="1">Photo by Brevard (Fla.) Public Schools</font></p>

School Bus Safety

Getting back to driver training basics

School bus drivers must learn how to judge other traffic and blend their stop arms into the traffic flow.

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Weighing the costs and benefits of safety technologies
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Pedestrian detection technology could be ideal for a school bus on an urban route. ESC is particularly beneficial for a bus traveling at higher speeds.
3-Point Belts on Buses: Real-World Experience Mitigates Most Concerns
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Will students wear the seat belts or use them as weapons? Does the added cost lead to cuts in school bus service? And what about the impact on emergency evacuations? Transportation directors with years of three-point belt use on their buses share their insights.
NSTA Advocacy in Action — Why the decision to equip large school buses with seat belts should be a local one
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The cost of three-point belts would have to come from somewhere within a local budget. We are concerned that if mandated and unfunded, that additional cost could force some districts to make choices that may not be in the best interests of safety.
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In-vehicle video system
GreenRoad Technologies has introduced an in-vehicle video system that records dangerous or noteworthy events, on the road and in the vehicle, as they happen.

School zone warning signals
The IoT solution from Numerex and RTC enables remote, two-way communications between the school district’s central traffic office and an embedded electronic device in the flasher signal signs, company officials said.

Integrated software suite
Seon now offers vMax Compass, a complete suite of school transportation solutions designed to work seamlessly together to deliver the real-time information needed to plan safe routes, track vehicles and student ridership, and capture, record and automatically download video of on-board incidents.

Book on school bus safety
Go Where the Bus Goes, a new children’s book written by Lorraine Fletcher, a longtime school bus driver in Kentucky, addresses school bus safety.

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<p>Scott Burrows told NAPT and NASDPTS members about the car accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down and how he worked hard to regain use of his limbs. &ldquo;You can choose to be bitter, or you can choose to be better,&rdquo; he said.</p> PHOTOS: Stimulating speakers, surprises at the Richmond conferences

A headline-grabbing statement on seat belts, a man who overcame great odds by learning to walk... Visit photo gallery

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VIDEO: Cell phone clip shows stop-arm violations

A concerned citizen captured multiple motorists passing a school bus that was picking up students, according to the Montgomery County (Md.) Police Department. In this case, Maryland law requires vehicles on the other side of the road to stop since there is no median. The bus has a stop-arm camera, so police said that the violators will get tickets in the mail.

School Bus Songs: Driver sings about school bus safety

"Singin' Bus Driver" Dave Winfree reminds motorists that they're all responsible for bus safety in "Excited School Bus," which he wrote.

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