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June 14, 2012  |   Comments (3)   |   Post a comment

New bus drivers in La. won't get tenure

By Thomas McMahon


BATON ROUGE, La. — School bus operators hired on or after July 1 won’t be eligible for tenure, under newly enacted state legislation.

Previously, Louisiana school bus drivers attained the job protection after passing a three-year probationary term.

The bill to end the tenure provision for new school bus drivers was introduced earlier this year and was sponsored by Rep. Joe Harrison, who said that Louisiana was the only state that gave tenure to school bus drivers.

Backers said that the tenure provision has been costly for school districts, but opponents argued that it was needed to protect the drivers from arbitrary firings.

The legislation was signed into law on Monday by Gov. Bobby Jindal.

School bus operators hired before July 1 of this year will keep their tenure — under which they are regular and permanent operators in the employ of the school board they serve.

But, according to the new law, drivers hired on or after that date won’t be able to earn tenure and “may be removed from their position as provided by the personnel policy of the employing school board.”

Louisiana has close to 14,000 school bus drivers, many of whom own the bus they operate.

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I have driven school bus in Michigan for 25 years we do not have tenure. We have a UNION and we work together has a TEAM to PROTECT our rights. WE also do not own our buses.

Anonymous    |    Jun 16, 2012 02:21 AM

I represented the Bus Operators of Louisiana at Baton Rouge this Leg. session and they were under fire the entire time. We tried to point out that some of us still own our buses. This will now put a big burden on school systems, who in their right mind would go out and spend 60,000.00 on a bus and not be for sure they would be able to keep their job, I wouldn't. I would like to know how many states have tenure?

Kathy Jarrell    |    Jun 15, 2012 11:01 PM

LA is not the only state to give drivers tenure..I drive a school bus in Alabama and we get tenure after 3 yrs also..

kyle    |    Jun 14, 2012 05:53 PM

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