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April 17, 2012  |   Comments (1)   |   Post a comment

Mo. school bus ad bill advances

By Thomas McMahon


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — School districts could lease advertising space on the inside and outside of buses under a bill progressing in the Missouri General Assembly.

The legislation closely passed out of the House of Representatives — by a vote of 83 to 65 — earlier this month and moved to the Senate.

The bill calls for prohibiting bus ads that contain such items as obscenity, gambling, alcohol, tobacco, drugs and political causes.

School bus contractors could lease space on their buses to school districts to sell ads. In exchange for leasing the space, the contractor would receive 10 percent of the total value of the ad agreement between the district and the commercial advertiser.

The legislation lists various requirements about the placement of bus ads.

“All school bus advertisements shall be painted or affixed by decal on a school bus in a manner that does not interfere with state and federal requirements for school bus markings, lights, signs, emergency exits, service doors, windows and the ventilation area of rear engines,” the bill reads.

Exterior ads could not be placed on the front, rear or driver's side of the bus.

Inside the bus, ad space would be limited to the areas above every other window. The interior ads could only be health- and safety-related messages.

For all school districts, 50 percent of any revenue retained from bus ads would have to be used to offset the fuel costs of providing pupil transportation services. The other 50 percent could be used at the school board’s discretion.

For more information on the bill, go here.

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wow, They are really asking for trouble. That is all the other drivers need is an additional distraction. Motorists act crazy enough around school buses as it is. In addition to the distraction, and safety hazard that creates, the ads are most certainly going to offend someone. The school districts need to work with the state, as well as the contractors, and find a better, and safer solution!

Carp/AmTran Fan    |    Apr 19, 2012 10:22 AM

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