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January 25, 2012  |   Comments (2)   |   Post a comment

Iowa governor supports stricter illegal bus passing penalties


DES MOINES, Iowa — Gov. Terry Branstad has expressed support for an effort to increase the penalties for motorists in the state who illegally pass stopped school buses, according to a story on

Family and friends of 7-year-old Kadyn Halverson, who was stuck and killed by a pickup truck last year as she was walking across a road to board her school bus, have been lobbying legislators to pass a bill on the subject this year. The group also wants video cameras mounted in school buses to record violations.
Branstad called the incident involving Halverson “tragic,” and he praised her loved ones for their efforts. In addition, he has asked the state departments of public safety, education and transportation to work with lawmakers to craft a bill.

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making laws stiffer while sounding good in theory will not correct this problem. enforcement of the current law IS! Code 321.372 is a well written coce but the Enforcement of this Code is pathetic at best. Currently The cedar Rapids, Iowa police dept. issues less than 30% of the Violation reports it receives citations. they come up with so many excuses as to not issue citations it borders on asinine. They look for reasons NOT to issue citations and spend their time issuing "warnings" and trying to poke holes in the School Bus Drivers reports. The Law states that if Reasonable belief that a violation occured then the Police SHALL PREPARE AND SHALL ISSUE a Citation. That is NOT a suggestion yet the Police think it is. Compound that with our Linn County prosecuter hesitation to prosecute unless the driver is identified yet the Code allows for "PERMISSABLE INFERENCE" whereas the Owner ultimately receives the Citation in the case where the driver can't or WON"T come forward makes way for the dismal numbers. You will not change a culture batting 300 in this dogfight. BTW, The Iowa highway patrol bats over .900 following the same law-Code code 321.372 in the issuance of citations. I am sure that would come under the term. MOTIVATION. Our Highway patrol cares about the safety of our kids. Our local Police do not. E-mail me at bsox621@hotmail for 4 years of interviews, letters, complaints, facts about this very important issue that MOST peole could care less about. Our kids have a target on their backs and it's getting bigger and easier to hit!!!

John Adams    |    Feb 09, 2012 09:19 AM

It is wonderful that the governor and the legislators support this and are drafting a bill for cameras to record and catch stop-arm runners, but paying for it is another issue. With legislative funding down, where do we get the money. A nice political statement but let's see if they back that up with $$.

Robert Streeter    |    Jan 27, 2012 01:10 PM

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