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January 27, 2010  |   Comments (5)   |   Post a comment

Washington state school buses could have ads


OLYMPIA, Wash. — School buses throughout the state could be used for advertising purposes under a bill that was recently introduced in the Washington State Legislature.

Senate Bill 6466 would allow school districts to place advertising and educational material on and in school buses if the material has been approved by the school districts' board of directors. The advertising and educational materials could not be placed on the front or rear of a school bus.

Any revenue received by school districts for the advertisements would be deposited in the districts’ general or transportation vehicle funds.

Sen. Paull Shin proposed the legislation as a way to help balance the state’s budget, saying that current economic conditions require looking at “previously untapped sources of revenue.”

Of the bill, he noted, “Nobody’s trying to inundate your kids with more ads for candy and soda; in fact, every advertisement that would appear will be subject to school board approval.”

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I'm always amazed at how quickly the naysayers jump on a new idea without thought or even basic information as to how it might work. As a person who helped draft this bill, let me clear a few things up. First, all the logistics will be handled by a 3rd party company. It will be responsible for securing the advertising accounts with prior review and approval of the local school districts and parents. Some districts also include student advisors. They will mount the ads,change them as necessary and the ads will only be placed in a few small specific spots o the bus, (never the front or back)so they dont reduce the visibility of lights, doors etc. Second,in the many districts across the country who have used this basic program, none have reported an increase in bus / car accidents due to the advertising material. Think about it. Are public transit buses involved in a disproprotionate number of collisions because they are covered 360 degrees with ads inc. lifesize photos of women in bikinis. Not according to them. And what about trucks,trailers,work vans. Most display ads. Give drivers some credit. Basiclly The company would do all the work, collect the money and give the school district a check. For 30 years I've listened to the negative nellies say "no this won't work" or "that's a bad idea" but somehow I missed all their suggestions that would pull Washington schools out of this perpetual pit of under funding and second rate resources we're in. It's NEW money and not the old "rob Peter to pay Paul" programs we've been using for decades. It's time to move forward. Rick Spellman, Former Northshore School District bus driver.

Rick Spellman    |    Feb 01, 2010 12:00 PM

Find a nother way to make money. Ads on busses could distract other drivers as to what the bus is doing. Just not good

Nat Moore    |    Feb 01, 2010 10:01 AM

I think this is a GREAT ! I would like to see this in Oklahoma and to be put into the Transportation Fund to help with Training & Safety Devices for Buses.

Kim Hamilton    |    Jan 30, 2010 02:24 PM

Senator Paull Shin needs to rethink his position..Advertising on a School Bus..gee maybe we should allow the Internet to invade the interior of busses or why not texting devices for rent. Ok now tell me who will maintain this advertising..who will pay for the installation..etc...

Rex Parmelee    |    Jan 30, 2010 07:58 AM

I dont think signs on a school bus is a very good idea.Someone reading a sign going down the road could distract them from observing bus stop signals which could possible cause an accident or injury.Nothing should be on or around bus,except what pertains to School Bus and or "CHILD" safety

Terry    |    Jan 30, 2010 05:21 AM

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