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August 09, 2012  |   Comments (0)   |   Post a comment

AngelTrax unveils video, driver behavior modification system


NEWTON, Ala. — AngelTrax has unveiled a versatile onboard video surveillance and driver behavior modification system, the CoPilot.

The system features dual built-in cameras, real-time driver alerts, continuous capture, wireless upload, solid-state storage, passive GPS and a three-axis G-Force inertia sensor. Designed to provide fleet directors with increased visibility and control over fleet operations, the CoPilot’s blend of powerful features reduce liability and promote safer and more efficient driver behavior, according to the company.

“The new CoPilot system is an integration of driver behavior management solutions and AngelTrax’s proven surveillance technology,” said Richie Howard, AngelTrax’s president and CEO. “Fleet directors can use the footage and driver performance data collected by the CoPilot to help correct dangerous driving habits, reduce liability, ensure drivers observe proper safety procedures and even help train new drivers.”

Mounted to the inside of the vehicle’s windshield, the CoPilot features two built-in PeriOptic lens cameras — one capturing an exterior view of the front of the vehicle, the other an interior view of the driver and passengers. The CoPilot can also be expanded to include two additional cameras, providing up to four different camera angles. Advanced in-cab audio and infrared technology also help ensure a definitive account of what really happens on the road, day or night.

The G-Force inertia sensor, GPS antenna and other sensors housed within the unit automatically register erratic activity, including aggressive driving, hard braking, speeding and collisions. Each time an event sensor is triggered, a blinking LED light on the front of the CoPilot and an audible tone alert the driver in real time that an unsafe action has been detected.

The CoPilot is a completely self-managed solution and does not require a monthly subscription. The system also utilizes a continuous record method, capturing footage for the entirety of a vehicle’s route and marking recorded data when an event occurs.

The system stores recorded data on a pair of solid-state secure digital (SD) cards, with the capacity for up to 128GB of storage space. Officials said the portability of the SD cards makes it simple to transport important footage, and the CoPilot’s storage can be easily upgraded with higher capacity cards. A lockable, vandal-proof housing also protects the SD cards from damage and outside tampering.

Moreover, with built-in 500 MHz LAN capability, the CoPilot takes advantage of wireless tools like MOTOLinx — AngelTrax’s automated event clip download manager. MOTOLinx automatically transfers video of marked events wirelessly from connected vehicles to the user’s dedicated, onsite server for review.

Its built-in wireless connectivity also makes the CoPilot ideal for use with AngelTrax's online mobile surveillance manager — MOTOTrax. MOTOTrax collects and manages critical details on fleet operations and delivers notifications of fleet events in real time via text or e-mail, providing fleet directors with a constant stream of relevant data.

The GPS antenna built into the CoPilot also stamps the footage recorded by the DVR with location and speed information, allowing fleet directors to track the routes of vehicles in the field through Google Track and Google Maps.

For more information, visit AngelTrax’s website.

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