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June 26, 2012  |   Comments (7)   |   Post a comment

NYAPT addresses bus monitor bullying incident


ALBANY, N.Y. — Following the recent bullying of a Greece Central School District bus monitor, the New York Association for Pupil Transportation (NYAPT) has addressed the incident, and the problem of bullying as a whole.

As previously reported, monitor Karen Klein endured profane taunting by students on a bus last week. Another student captured the bullying on a cell phone camera, and it was later posted online. Klein has since received an outpouring of emotional and financial support.  

NYAPT first believes that the school district must conduct an investigation into the incident and take all necessary measures, including discipline where appropriate.

“School bus drivers and monitors are an integral part of the local school enterprise and deserve our respect and appreciation,” the association said in a statement. “They do not deserve to be treated in the ways that Ms. Klein was treated — neither by students nor by other school employees. We believe that there is no place for bullying of anyone on the school bus or in the school building.”

NYAPT went on to say that the students’ behavior toward Klein is not only inappropriate and offensive, it detracts from the safety of other children riding the bus.  

To help prevent this type of incident in the future, NYAPT pledged to work with state officials, school district officials and its members to enhance the training that drivers and monitors receive to prepare them to effectively respond when such situations occur.

To read NYAPT’s statement in full, click here.

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No amount of training will help the situation if the parents and children and not held accoutable for their actions. Why is it always the driver and monitors and teachers fault when children 'misbehave'? When are parents going to be held responsible for the actions of the children they are suppose to be parenting?

Beverly    |    Jun 28, 2012 06:11 AM

I was a school bus driver for many years. I listened to this video with a well-established bus driver's ears and eyes. When I first heard this in the news I had three thoughts all in the same instant. My first thought: The driver had to have noticed something wrong, unless the driver and monitor had long since become immune due to those kids already having previously demonstrated such disgusting behavior minus any previous school/school bus administrative disciplinary action. My second thought: If the kid doing the recording realized the driver and/or the monitor were going to attempt to take action, the kid who created this now world renowned gem of a video would simply have had time to delete it while demanding his or her right not to hand it over to the school's and/or bus company's administration. And thirdly was my astonishment that these thirteen-year-olds most likely thought their choice of social media to send that video to is actually an all-undisiplined-brats' exclusive Internet media! Wow! Afterwards, I heard in the media that four boys were involved although there is clearly at least one actual female voice--not a boy's pre-adult voice. Although I feel those kids should be expelled but probably won't be and there must be at least one other school this gang can transfer to in that district but that probably won't happen, I feel that what will actually happen is that there will soon be no less than four upper-middle-class houses going up for sale in Greece, NY.

Chris    |    Jun 27, 2012 06:55 AM

When I first learned of this incident I went to youtube to watch the entire video. Imagine my surprise when I found a second and different video also posted by the same person with the same children and same bus moniter but on a different day (they are wearing different clothes and sitting different seats) The kids behavior is still bad but Karen is up and moving around trying to deal with them. This makes me question if there is a break down of discipline on the bus and that the bus driver is ignoring the behavior. Why weren't these children "written up" and their behavior reported. It seem to point to a real breakdown in support from the administration in the bus garage and the school. I hope we all learn from this situation and but more proactive discipline into practice on all our school buses.

Cindi    |    Jun 27, 2012 06:36 AM

Amazing. As school transportation professionals, we train both drivers and monitors in appropriate student behavior management. It appears that these students were allowed to continue with this behavior with no intervention from the monitor or the driver. As administrators, we place monitors on school bus routes to deal with behaviors or special needs situations. We also train the driver and monitor to work as a team. There are several things that could have happened here to curtail the continuation of abuse that the monitor endured; however, we need to keep in mind that it was the responsibility of both parties: the driver and monitor, to regain control of the situation.

Robin    |    Jun 27, 2012 06:16 AM

I agree with the previous 2 comments. What, besides getting these abusive teens off the bus, was the driver doing? What the news isn't saying is that this type of behavior goes on several times a day in most school districts. If the "public" only knew what their kids are doing. Most of the time these kids are "written up" on student disciplin reports and the response from the parent is "not my child" or "my child would never do that". Maybe we ought to publicize all of the video footage from our buses. The public would go broke supporting all of the abused drivers and monitors. We could ALL go on a very expensive vacation.

Dawn    |    Jun 27, 2012 04:16 AM

I agree in large part with Geoff. I watched the video and there is no attempt by the driver to do anything. It's almost as if the driver just wants to get to their stop(s) and get rid of them. Bad form on the drivers part (and don't use the excuse that it was a large bus with a lot of kids). If that is the attempted excuse the driver needs more training in student management. This type of behaviour has never been accepted from any of my students for even a fraction of time.

Michael Reel    |    Jun 26, 2012 05:48 PM

This is at least the third account I've read of this incident, two on internet news sites and now in School Bus Fleet. Nowhere has any mention been made of what the driver of the bus was doing! How could so much abusive behavior be taking place without him or her noticing? The driver should have pulled the bus off the road at the first available opportunity and addressed the issue, reprimand the kids and tell them to stop, call the dispatcher or even the police. If the bus driver did take action, either it's bad reporting on the part of the media as absolutely no reference to the driver appears anywhere, or whatever he or she did was totally ineffectual. I would never tolerate this kind of behavior by kids on my bus. I'm also surprised the monitor didn't come forward and ask the driver to intervene. "Possible disciplinary action" is mentioned here. Of whom? The kids, the driver? Possible? Should there be any question about it? The students involved should have their bus privileges revoked and the driver's apparent inaction should be questioned.

Geoff bridgman    |    Jun 26, 2012 05:05 PM

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