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December 08, 2011  |   Comments (8)   |   Post a comment

Drivers asked to remove Christmas decorations on buses


KINGSTON, Ontario — Two school bus drivers were asked to remove Christmas decorations from their buses after the the company they work for received an e-mail from the transportation agency it serves stating that using decorated buses is not allowed, the Toronto Sun reports.

Diane Pope and Brigette Klepy told the news source that the students they transport love the decorations. However, a policy has reportedly been in place for many years that bans decorations from buses.

In the e-mail to Stover Bus Line, Brenda Chalk, a transportation supervisor with Tri-Board Student Transportation Services, said that if a bus with Christmas decorations on it is used for a route, it would be considered a breach of contract. Chalk said that the agency transports students from a variety of ethnic and religious groups, and it likes to keep things "as generic as possible."

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Absolutely absurd. When will this lunacy sweep the USA?

Frank    |    Dec 15, 2011 06:07 PM

Decorations should only be prohibited because they constitute a safety violation. I tire of the growing anti-Christian sentiment on the part of public schools.

Robert Turner    |    Dec 14, 2011 08:24 AM

The decorations probably do NOT meet fire safety standards as well.

Daniel    |    Dec 11, 2011 04:52 PM

I used to make a sort of holiday tree out of the fan on my old breadbox, the kids liked it including my Muslim kid. Nobody had an issue with it...

Anonymous driver lady    |    Dec 09, 2011 05:43 PM

I am a retired school bus driver. I totally agree that putting any type of decorations on the windows, mirrors, or doors of any buses, could definitely obstruct the drivers vision, and should not be allowed...but, there are many other places ABOVE the windows, that some could be used. Christmas is supposed to be for kids. Why can't a driver make their trips a little more enjoyable? I even had some of my students make some small decorations (snow men, jingle bells, wreaths, etc.) for me to use on the bus. It made them VERY happy to see their works of art used. As long as it doesn't become a safety issue, there should be no reason to not let a driver do it, FOR THE KIDS! :)

Aubrey McClure    |    Dec 09, 2011 04:45 PM

i have a dancin christmass dog on my bus and a ispy christmas book.all my riders are christain and they begged me to play christmas music!this country was founded by christains did we all forget.we want tolorance for all but it reeally means all but christains.everyone else just crys racisim to get there way.i will always stand tall with God leading my way.Jesus died for me and he gives me strength!

i drive in massachusetts    |    Dec 09, 2011 04:30 PM

The real issue is between the parents and the school district. Only Parents can lobby the District to change the rule. Drivers should not endanger the relationship between the company and the district. It is the reality of today's world.

Mike    |    Dec 09, 2011 02:01 AM

The simple fact is that decorations of any sort obstruct the view of the drivers and are dangerous to have on the bus. All this crap about racism is ridiculous and so far off the point. The school was wrong to even use it as an excuse and start such a mess. Safety of our children is the FIRST priority. Im not going to sacrifice a childs life to put a sticker on a window. I have seen drivers put students pictures on their mirrors and I have seen teachers or coaches put signs in the windows and doors of the buses to identify them. What idiots. That's like putting a blanket over the windshield of your car and driving through town.

Niki    |    Dec 08, 2011 08:06 PM

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