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November 04, 2010  |   Comments (0)   |   Post a comment

Seon Design updates video data management software


COQUITLAM, British Columbia — Seon Design Inc. is releasing a new version of its video data management software, vMax Commander, which company officials said works effectively regardless of the number of buses involved or their locations.

vMax Commander provides automated wireless downloading, giving managers instant access to video events and allowing them to monitor multiple vehicles and receive alarmed notifications. The video for an entire fleet can be administered with one software interface, it can be configured remotely and video data can be viewed live over a Web-based or GPRS network.

“There is no need to search for a vehicle, and no more running back and forth to manually pull a hard drive,” said Jordan Shishmanov, senior product manager. “Wireless technology eliminates all of that. If there is an issue, you can access the information you need right from your central office.”

New vMax Commander features include automated system-wide health monitoring through a preventative maintenance tool known as Health-Check. Health-Check alerts the system administrator if any part of the system isn’t functioning.

“The system can be programmed to report video loss and system-related problems automatically,” Shishmanov said. “If a bus is not connected to the network for a period of time, operations will know. Automatic health monitoring reduces liability by minimizing equipment downtime and ensuring that the data required is available.”

vMax Commander integrates with Seon DVRs and the Smart-Reach wireless solution.

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