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October 11, 2010  |   Comments (4)   |   Post a comment

Indiana state troopers catch illegal bus passers


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — Indiana State Police troopers boarded Vigo County School Corp. buses recently in an effort to catch motorists who illegally pass stopped school buses.

The enforcement action stemmed from complaints received from the school system’s bus drivers, who alleged that numerous motorists on a highway in Vigo County were disregarding the flashing red lights and stop arms of school buses.

Those allegations were passed on to the Indiana State Police commercial vehicle enforcement section for assistance. In addition to putting troopers on the buses to call out suspected violations, other troopers followed in unmarked patrol cars for the traffic stops.

On Sept. 28, troopers rode for 30 to 45 minutes on three of the Vigo County School Corp. buses. During this period, troopers wrote three traffic citations for motorists who violated Indiana's school bus stop arm law, and officials said other violations occurred as troopers were issuing those traffic summons.

"The Indiana State Police would like to inform motorists that today's enforcement effort is just the beginning of more patrols to come targeting school bus stop arm violations. Voluntary compliance of this law is the ultimate goal, and this will hopefully be accomplished through education and enforcement," said commercial vehicle enforcement officer Master Trooper Chuck Tharp, who organized the designated patrol.

In Indiana, a motorist is guilty of a Class A infraction if he or she meets or overtakes from any direction a stopped school bus with its stop arm extended and has not stopped before reaching the bus. A motorist is also guilty of a Class A infraction if he or she proceeds before the stop arm is up.

If a person operates a vehicle and recklessly passes a school bus with its stop arm extended, he or she has committed a Class B misdemeanor. However, the offense is a Class A misdemeanor if the illegal passing causes bodily injury to a person.

Moreover, if the offense results in damage to the property of another person or bodily injury to another person, the person’s driver’s license could be suspended for no less than 30 days, but for no longer than one year.

A person convicted of a Class A infraction can be fined up to $10,000. A person convicted of a Class B misdemeanor can be fined up to $1,000 and jailed up to 180 days.

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my brother is a bus driver in texas they cant give you a ticket but can a bus driver in ind give you a ticket by giving your info to the cops is it the same as getting a ticket from a cop

cheryl    |    Aug 17, 2014 04:47 PM

Berrien Co Georgia. $608 fine and 9 points on license. Had a man run my stop sign yesterday afternoon, and another man run it this morning. MAKES ME VERY ANGRY!!!!!!! Can these people NOT see the stop signs????

Rebecca    |    Oct 15, 2010 09:48 AM

Thank you, Indiana State Police and hopefully this enforcement effort will continue.

Ron Chew    |    Oct 12, 2010 05:29 PM

Law enforcement agencies here in Texas could find the same problem; it seems that more and more motorists just refuse to be 'inconvenienced' by traffic laws.

Jack    |    Oct 12, 2010 02:29 PM

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