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October 05, 2010  |   Comments (10)   |   Post a comment

Father arrested after boarding bus, making threats


GOOSE CREEK, S.C. — Police have arrested a man who boarded a school bus and threatened a 7-year-old boy last week, WCSC reports.

Timothy James Capazzi has been charged with assault and battery in the third degree. According to police, Capazzi entered a school bus while it was at a bus stop and made verbal threats directed at a young boy who, Capazzi claims, assaulted his son on the bus the previous day.

The bus driver put out a distress call to the transportation department, summoning the police.

This incident is similar to one that occured in Florida last month in which James Jones boarded his daughter's school bus to confront children who were allegedly bullying her. To read SBF's coverage of that story, click here.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the same thing that child was doing to his son? That's more like David and Goliath. As a Parent he should be highly ashamed of himself.

Laura Johnson    |    Oct 07, 2010 07:13 AM

I am responding to this as a Transportation employee. Bus drivers have procedures they must follow. You are quick to point fingers at others maybe you need to get more involved with your District and learn what procedures they have and how maybe you can help. We need to think of the kids here people. Solve the problem not add to it. Maybe there is a reason someone is a bully. Maybe they see this at home or maybe they see others doing it. That old saying Monkey see monkey do doesn't fall far from the tree here. This is very embarrassing to the student of the parent also. Your real quick to judge both sides. Sometimes kids can exaggerate something and if you don't believe that, then my question to you is "What world are you living in?"

CL Rose    |    Oct 07, 2010 06:02 AM

There is an approprate way for parents to deal with these issues, and confronting an elementary age student is not it. Because we have given so much coverage and credit to the father in Florida for his actions, we as a society have said it's ok to do that. There shouldn't be a time when it is ok for an adult to verbally assult a 7 year old. That is also bullying, and is unacceptable. Not only did the Florida dad not get in trouble, he is now on a national speaking tour visiting news outlets and talking at the NAPT conference. I'm glad that the laws in SC are tougher then those in Florida. The school bus needs to be a safe place from inside AND outside threats. Bullying can be defeted on the school bus, the playground, and everywhere else in the school, however this is not the way to do it. - T.J. Crockett

T.J. Crockett    |    Oct 06, 2010 10:34 AM

ARRESTED!--- First off, I watched that video when aired on tv---why did not the bus driver stand up and ask the parent to leave and why did not the driver deal with the problem in the began as it was told that the problem was an on going issue. The driver should dealt with also--maybe he is an acessary as he did not do anything to prevent it. As a parent I would be ticked if it was going on for weeks and no action was taken And what about the kid causing all the problems, maybe his parents hould be arrested for letting their child using such behavior as to bullying the ones in the bus.........

dana fairchild    |    Oct 06, 2010 10:17 AM

This action must not be tolorated. We continue to educate the students on the downfalls of bullying and these parents actions set that educational process back. It is nice to see that these parents are arrested and charged for these actions and interfeering with a school bus should be a crime in every state.

Ron    |    Oct 06, 2010 07:28 AM

We are only looking at the tip of the iceberg here folks.Its only a matter of time before someone,Student or parent of a bullied student,Brings a weapon on the bus and do some real physical damage to someone.More supervision on the bus is going to be a key to open the door to a safe bus ride. But it does not seem important enough to the people who can change this to add extra supervision on all buses. we put aides on Special needs buses for the protection of the students,why is it not important enough to do this on all buses? It should be a no Brainer. The closer the students are watched the less likely they are to get in trouble. The driver has their back to the students 99% of the time and can in no way keep his eyes on students to the extent it is needed. The Arguement against it is $$$$$ .Can we put a price on our Childrens lives? NO!!!!! we need extra supervision and Thats the flat out FACT. Our government puts Millions into programs that are a complete waste of time compared to the safety of our Children. We need to do something before people start dying needlessly. LETS HEAR IT FOLKS!!!!!

Darrel Christie    |    Oct 06, 2010 07:17 AM

Good for Mr. Capizzi and Mr. Jones! Were my child subjected to bullying and assault, the same way these men's children were, I would do the same thing. Perhaps we shouldn't point the finger at these men but the parents of the bullies. Let's place blame where it's deserved...on those who instigate this behavior. Put your hands on my child or put them in fear for their safety and you can look for me to be on your school bus too. Or on the steps of your front door when you get home from school. I'll be at NAPT along with quite a few other parents and I'd love to hear Mr. Jones' side of the story.

Joe Leggett    |    Oct 06, 2010 06:37 AM

This bullying and harassment is putting parents over the edge. With adminastrators not dealing with those issues, its going to continue. I am proud of our district that deals with it before it gets to a meltdown for parents.

Bob    |    Oct 06, 2010 05:18 AM

Ms. Hollander: The man who is the subject of this story, Mr. Capizzi, is not the man who has been invited to be a panelist in Portlan. That would be Mr. Jones, who did essentially the same thing in Florida a few weeks ago. However, I understand and agree with your sentiment that neither man deserves to be "elevated" to the position of panelist at NAPT, and I expressed precisely that opinion through this forum when it was announced that Mr. Jones had been invited.

Mike Byrne, Retired Direc    |    Oct 05, 2010 04:04 PM

It is unfortunate that this dad made national headlines. Although bullying is a BIG problem, there is no excuse for what this father did. He combated bullying by bullying. How did he get on the bus? What if he had a weapon? I cannot believe he has made national headlines and is going to be a speaker at NAPT! Diana Hollander Program Officer, Pupil Transportation Nevada Department of Education

Diana Hollander    |    Oct 05, 2010 03:11 PM

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