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August 23, 2010  |   Comments (1)   |   Post a comment

‘Bus Bucks’ program encourages good bus rider behavior


PENDLETON, S.C. — Anderson School District Four has implemented a district-wide incentive program for good bus rider behavior called “Bus Bucks.”

Students earn Bus Bucks for demonstrating desired behaviors, following directions, as well as setting a good example for other passengers while riding the district’s school buses.

Along with following directions, the behavior that’s expected of students includes being respectful, sitting properly and remaining seating, keeping one’s hands to him or herself and talking quietly.

Bus Bucks are awarded by school bus drivers each Friday that transportation is provided.

Students can redeem their Bus Bucks for the following incentives:

All schools — a homework pass, a fast food coupon or a coupon to Skateland USA
Elementary schools — a coupon for a Dairy Queen ice cream cone
Middle school — a lunch pass or dance pass, a coupon for a discount to a sporting event, a coupon for a Dairy Queen Blizzard
High school — a lunch pass or a Canteen Drink pass, or a Dairy Queen Blizzard coupon 

“We tried to tailor the incentives to be appropriate to different grade levels,” Assistant Superintendent Joanne Avery told the Independent Mail. “While the elementary school students might save up their bucks for an ice cream cone, at the high school, getting a lunch pass is a really big deal. Getting in the lunch line before everyone else is highly coveted by teenagers.”

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I started a Bus Bucks program on my elementary school route 10-12 years ago. Our buses had cartoon characters by the door along with the bus number so the youngest kids would recognize their bus before boarding. My bus had the Disney character "Goofy." I copied a face picture of Goofy onto the bus bucks, which were marked "1 bus buck" in the corners like real money. I kept a stack handy and when a kid was noticably well behaved I handed them one as they got off the bus. I also made a certificate, commending a student for being a good example, that had a space for their name. After a student received 5 bus bucks they received a certificate and their picture was taken holding the certificate. At the time I had a button making machine. I put the picture on a magnetized button (refrigerator type) and displayed it on the overhead bulkhead at the front of the bus. By the end of the year every student had earned their button which I gave to them on the last day of school. A young lady approached me one day in the grocery store and told me she still had her button from when she had been one of my riders.

Jim Barber    |    Oct 19, 2011 04:55 PM

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