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Q&A: Customer Service Is Top Priority for U.S. Bus Corp.
January 1, 2007

President John Manzi says the key to success lies in understanding and meeting the end-users’ needs. Meanwhile, tough competition and rising costs provide challenges.

Derek Graham Named SBF’s Administrator of the Year
January 1, 2007

North Carolina pupil transportation director is recognized for his numerous contributions to his state and the larger pupil transportation industry.

Great Fleets Across America 2007
January 1, 2007

To further recognize the invaluable service provided by the nation’s pupil transportation programs, we present the seventh installment of our “Great Fleets” series. Find out how this year’s 10 outstanding operations have raised the bar in safety, efficiency, maintenance and other areas.

Clinging to the past?
January 1, 2007

For the two decades that I’ve been associated with pupil transportation through this magazine, our industry has fought against those who would have us equip large school buses with active passenger restraint systems, whether they’re lap belts, lap-shoulder belts or other devices.

Last FS-65 bus delivered
January 1, 2007

HIGH POINT, N.C. — Thomas Built Buses reached a milestone as it handed over the keys to its last customer-ready FS-65 conventional school bus.

ASBC responds to injury study
January 1, 2007

Pupil transportation officials called a study released by the American Academy of Pediatrics “a valuable contribution to the investigative literature concerning school bus-related injuries.”

Emergency Preparedness Takes Center Stage
January 1, 2007

The NAPT’s 32nd Annual Conference and Trade Show features a bus-rail crash demonstration and seminars on emergency response, as well as a new leadership initiative.

Immerse yourself
January 1, 2007

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the NAPT board of directors, it’s composed of nine members — president, president-elect, five regional directors and two at-large directors.

Employee Discipline: Using Counseling Memos Correctly
November 1, 2006

Failure to document employee conduct and disciplinary issues can leave a manager in more trouble than the employee. Here are steps to circumvent such a scenario through properly written and executed counseling memos.

How Dispatchers Fill a Pivotal Role
November 1, 2006

The dispatch position can be one of the most demanding in pupil transportation, but it is at the hub of an operation’s success. Here’s a look at the skills dispatchers need to handle the job and its inherent stress.

Q&A: Investing in Specialty
November 1, 2006

On the heels of a new partnership with a private equity firm, Specialty Manufacturing President Gray Ellison discusses the company’s direction.

Giant Challenges for Giant Fleets
November 1, 2006

Managing a large school bus fleet presents special challenges. What are those challenges and how are they handled? Transportation directors at giant fleets provide their insights.

Bus Radio cues up controversy
November 1, 2006

NEEDHAM, Mass. — Music soothes the savage breast, or so the adage says. This premise underlies the reliance upon music as a safety tool on school buses.

Out with the old. . .
November 1, 2006

Every now and then, you should splurge and buy a new car or remodel your kitchen or add a new suit to your wardrobe.

NAPT News & Views
November 1, 2006

Before I became NAPT president, I attempted to get a feel for what being in the position would be like by discussing issues and ideas with former leaders of the association.

A challenging question
November 1, 2006

What are your greatest challenges? It’s a question we pose in our many surveys of the pupil transportation industry.

LED Lighting Continues to Win Converts
October 1, 2006

Over the past 10 years, light-emitting diodes have made inroads into the school bus market. In another 10 years, they could be standard equipment. Here’s why...

NAPT conference is worthy investment
October 1, 2006

Our editors constantly are told by our readers that publishing articles describing what other school bus operators are doing is helpful to them. We take that to heart, trying to get input from all areas of the country on common safety, management, maintenance, regulatory and funding concerns.

Finding the Best Solution for Your Surveillance Needs
October 1, 2006

Video cameras in school buses help school districts and contractors tackle tough issues of liability, behavioral management and student safety. But finding the right package for your fleet can be a challenge.

Q&A: ‘Pre-Buy’ Activity Boosts School Bus Sales in 2006
October 1, 2006

Thomas Built Buses President and CEO John O’Leary says the manufacturing sector is seeing increased sales due to customers increasing their bus purchasing before the EPA’s stricter emissions standards take effect in 2007.

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