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Parts Sales Pinches by Budget Shortfalls
November 1, 2002

To what degree is the weak economy affecting school transportation department's purchase of bus parts? How are schools coping? And to what degree are ...

Torn Apart: The Transportation Budget Struggle
November 1, 2002

One of the most common laments these days among school transportation operators is that there just isn't enough money to go around. Budget shortfalls ...

Putting Software to Work in the Bus Garage
November 1, 2002

By some accounts, Royce Gillespie, transportation supervisor at Kane County School District in Kanab, Utah, is a rare manager among his peers. Oversee...

Head Start Program Fosters Team Environment, Community Support
November 1, 2002

The Economic Opportunity Foundation's (EOF) Head Start program in Kansas City, Kan., bases its success upon a simple philosophy — putting childre...

Great Fleets Across America, Part III
(Massachusetts-New Jersey)
October 1, 2002


Tellstone & Son Inc., Blackstone, Mass.

Buses: 53
Students transported: 3,800

Great Fleets Across America, Part V
(South Dakota-Wyoming)
October 1, 2002


B-J School Buses Inc., Scotland, S.D.

Buses: 40
Schools served: 8
Staff: 50

Great Fleets Across America, Part IV
(New Mexico-South Carolina)
October 1, 2002


Pecos Independent Schools, Pecos, N.M.

Buses: 15
Students transported: 1,000
Schools ...

Great Fleets Across America, Part II
October 1, 2002


Akina Bus Service, Kihei, Hawaii

Buses: 10
Students transported: 700
Schools served: 4...

The loneliest job isn't the Maytag repairman's
October 1, 2002

Transporting students to and from school is, at best, an imperfect science. The variables that come into play compel so many adjustments and quick dec...

Great Fleets Across America, Part I
October 1, 2002

This year's competition was perhaps the toughest yet. Operators nationwide are coming up with innovative ways to address the pressing issues of the da...

Parents Speak Out: Ideas for Your School Bus Operation
September 1, 2002

According to Rick Iannelli, supervisor of transportation for Arlington (Mass.) Public Schools, the most unreasonable thing he ever heard from a parent...

What's Your Biggest Challenge for the 2002-2003 School Year?
September 1, 2002

With the arrival of the 2002-03 school year, the pupil transportation industry once again gears up for approximately 180 days of challenges. All chall...

Expect a juggling act as school choice widens
August 1, 2002

With the opening of the 2002-03 school year just a few weeks in the offing, most school transportation managers are busy prepping their drivers and ro...

5 Sure-Fire Classroom Training Tactics
August 1, 2002

An effective safety training program for students usually accomplishes a number of goals. It covers all of the key school bus rules while keeping the ...

In memory of Josh, more than just a passenger on the bus
August 1, 2002

It takes a crazy person to drive 50 to 60 screaming, disrespectful kids to school every day, not to mention sitting with your back to them. How can yo...

Breaking Point
August 1, 2002

A little after 5:00 a.m. on April 2, Los Angeles resident Celestine Lewis woke up, got her two children ready for school and then walked them to their...

No, I'm not among the fascinating people either
June 1, 2002

Now that you've flipped completely through the Top 25 Fascinating Personalities in School Transportation, let me explain why you weren't included R...

25 Fascinating Industry Personalities
June 1, 2002

The school transportation industry is made of hundreds of thousands of dedicated individuals who perform a difficult and underappreciated task. This a...

Transportation cuts come at high cost
June 1, 2002

The battle between the classroom and ancillary services such as transportation continues in full force as school boards try to squeeze dollars from th...

True/False Questions for Drivers
April 1, 2002

The following true or false questions are samples from the CDL exam for school bus operators. Use them to test the expertise of your driver staff. ...

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