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It’s Gonna Cost What?
November 1, 2001
The following tips on saving transportation dollars and increasing operating efficiency come from three special-needs transportation experts who prese...
Boss Helps To Reduce Pressure
November 1, 2001
Joan Corwin, president of Chappaqua Transportation in New York, likes to keep her finger on the pulse of her employees. Or rather on their blood press...
Encourage Good Driver Attitudes
November 1, 2001
Emphasizing a positive attitude will keep drivers happy, cut down on the potential for accidents and road rage and enhance employee retention. The fol...
Use the ‘Web’ to Answer Questions
November 1, 2001
In publicizing their transportation departments, many school districts have learned to take advantage of the Internet. One of the benefits of having a...
Tips from the ‘Great Fleets’
November 1, 2001
Each year since 1999, SCHOOL BUS FLEET magazine has published a feature section called “Great Fleets Across America,” recognizing an exemplary fleet i...
Judgment Call
November 1, 2001
You hire a bus driver without any experience who catches on very quickly. After nine months, she is among the best and brightest of your drivers. An o...
Taking Aim at ‘Dumb Rules’
November 1, 2001

Is your operation guided by rules and regulations put into place long before your time? Do you ever wonder why certain rules exist? Are there any that...

Ideas for Entertaining and Informative Driver Training
November 1, 2001

John Farr, director of transportation for Oceanside (Calif.) Unified School District (OUSD) has always stressed the importance of innovative training ...

Boston Public Tackles Small Bus Conversion
November 1, 2001

After handing down the decision to replace their 7-D vans with Type A school buses, officials at Boston Public Schools and Laidlaw Education Services ...

Image isn't everything, but it can't be ignored
November 1, 2001

Bad news travels fast. It overstays its welcome, too. For example, when someone gets fired, how long does it take for the news of the event - and glee...

Advances in Radio Communication Systems
November 1, 2001

An operation’s ability to communicate effectively is a major factor in the safe transportation of students. The prime means by which staff, driv...

Myriad Options Characterize Type A School Bus Lines
November 1, 2001

Small buses are classified as having a conversion or body constructed on a van-type or cutaway chassis designed for carrying 10 or more students. They...

28 Ways to Spread Good News About Your Program
November 1, 2001

There’s good news every day in school transportation. But getting that news to the public can often be a difficult and frustrating task. As we a...

Thomas to close Canadian plant
November 1, 2001

HIGH POINT, N.C. - Thomas Built Buses will close its Woodstock, Ontario, manufacturing plant later this year as part of a broad cost-cutting strategy ...

News from the World of Pupil Transportation
October 1, 2001

PTSI, Head Start join forces in training

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- The Pupil Transportation Safety Institute (PTSI) and the National Head Start Associ...

Maximize Time for Important
October 1, 2001
Make better use of your time by adopting the following techniques: • Don’t give the same instructions twice. In running a school bus fleet, there wil...
Billboards Promote Industry
October 1, 2001
In an effort to promote industry image and recognize Hennepin County (Minn.) school bus drivers for exceptional service, AAA Minneapolis and the Minne...
Great Fleets Across America, Part V
October 1, 2001

Keeping his fleet of 50 school buses in tip-top shape is a high priority for Einar Mortenson, who, along with his wife Gail, owns and operates Sturgis Bus Co. ...

Great Fleets Across America, Part I
October 1, 2001

This year's crop of Great Fleets represents excellence in all facets of student transportation -- safety, efficiency, innovation, pride, morale and mo...

Great Fleets Across America, Part II
October 1, 2001

Transporting students to and from 150 schools, the School District of Palm Beach County has implemented some interesting programs...

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