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Driver-Mechanic Relations
January 1, 2002

Effective communication between drivers and mechanics is key to keeping buses in top shape and creating a pleasant, efficient work environment. To avo...

Encourage Peer Evaluation
January 1, 2002
Because they work side by side, employees may be in the best position to appraise each other’s performance. It is difficult, however, to expect that t...
Overcoming the Fears of Driver Trainees
January 1, 2002

What is the most difficult hurdle to overcome in behind-the-wheel training of new bus drivers? New drivers who are accustomed to driving small veh...

How to Trim Vandalism Repair Costs
January 1, 2002

The cost of repair to school bus interiors damaged by vandalism varies largely from operation to operation. Likewise, repair strategies vary greatly. ...

Build Relations, Cut Turnover
January 1, 2002
With unemployment on the rise, we would hope to see an increase in job applicants and a decrease in employee turnover. But given the relatively low av...
Use Caution With Handbooks
January 1, 2002
If you use an employee handbook, or are thinking about composing one, be careful what you write down. Employee handbooks can be very useful in outlini...
GPS Technology Monitors Buses
January 1, 2002

The transportation department at Palm Beach County (Fla.) School District will be increasing its school bus monitoring capabilities via the Global Tra...

Conducting Effective Meetings
January 1, 2002
No one enjoys a meeting that lacks structure or usefulness, and it’s a sure bet that no one learns from that type of meeting. Still, meetings are a ne...
Test Your Bus Drivers’ Knowledge
January 1, 2002
The following questions are samples from the CDL exam for passenger bus operators. Use them to test the expertise of your drivers. During a pre-trip ...
Father Calls For Tougher Drug Tests
January 1, 2002
On Feb. 7, 2001, 15-year-old Brian Burdett was struck and killed by his own school bus when he stopped in the road, apparently to tie his shoe. Nearly...
12 Ways to Gain Staff Cooperation
January 1, 2002
1. The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it. Avoid an argument as you would a losing proposition. 2. Never tell someone they are wr...
The Cure for Boring In-Service Sessions
January 1, 2002
Even the most interesting in-services have critics, and understandably so. Over the years, drivers tire of the “same old stuff.” There are only so man...
A Silver Lining to the Rising Unemployment Rate
January 1, 2002
The shortage of school bus drivers is finally abating, helped considerably by the increasing number of people who find themselves jobless in the withe...
Don’t Get Taken in Online Investing
January 1, 2002
Whether searching for pupil transportation products or services or researching personal investments, it’s important to have a strategy for finding the...
Evaluating Your Mentor Program
January 1, 2002
Assigning new hires a mentor driver to answer questions and provide support can be a highly effective means of rounding out a new driver’s training. B...
Judgment Call
January 1, 2002
A principal at an elementary school wants to have a bus driver disciplined for allegedly being rude to a parent during a morning pick-up. The driver d...
2-Year Prison Term for Driver
January 1, 2002
The California school bus driver who was convicted of running over and killing 15-year-old Brian Burdett last year has been sentenced to two years in ...
News from the World of Pupil Transportation
December 1, 2001

’Danger zone’ deaths slip

TOPEKA, Kan. — Latest statistics reveal that nine children were killed by their own school bus or by a passing veh...

Training Program Merits Acclaim
December 1, 2001

At the National Association for Pupil Transportation’s (NAPT) Annual Conference last month in Nashville, Tenn., the Hillsborough County (Fla.) Schools...

Tips on Spec’ing Pre-K School Buses
December 1, 2001

Because the population of pre-kindergarten children being transported to and from schools, childcare centers and Head Start agencies in school buses h...

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