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What is Proper Dress and Hygiene?
March 1, 2002
What can I tell the drivers and aides on my special-needs buses about appropriate dress and hygiene? The importance of professionalism is critical wh...
How to Prepare for a Deposition
March 1, 2002
At the annual Transporting Students With Disabilities conference in Fort Worth, Texas, Linda Bluth of the Maryland State Department of Education, Divi...
Train Well, Reduce Liability
March 1, 2002
To what extent will the quality of the training you provide be scrutinized in the event of a lawsuit? Paul Salvatore, an employment-law attorney at th...
Don’t Abandon Your 401(k)
March 1, 2002
The traumatic political events of the past year and the downturn of the economy have left many of us ill-at-ease about our 401(k) investments. But J. ...
Judgment Call
March 1, 2002
The assistant superintendent thinks it would raise the professionalism of the transportation department if the bus drivers were given standard uniform...
Measure Would Create Statewide Policy
March 1, 2002
Massachusetts lawmakers are considering a bill that would require school committees statewide to create a transportation policy for overnight trips sp...
Marketing Your Operation
March 1, 2002
First and foremost, communication must be credible. And the first rule of credibility is consistency. Determine what regular messages are desired for ...
Be Prepared for the Unexpected
March 1, 2002
Unexpected phenomena such as riots, strikes, tornadoes, earthquakes, snowstorms and other natural disasters can pose a threat to student transportatio...
Prevent Staff Drug and Alcohol Use
March 1, 2002
The use of drugs and alcohol among school bus drivers can have catastrophic consequences. Drug testing helps somewhat in fighting employee substance a...
Take-Home Pay Less Than Zero?
March 1, 2002
Is it possible for a school bus driver to bring home a negative paycheck? Apparently so. Dan Schmidt recently quit his job as a school bus driver for...
Large District Driver Meetings
March 1, 2002
For the first time in more than 15 years, Fairfax County (Va.) Public Schools had a single countywide meeting for all of its 1,600-plus drivers and at...
5 Steps to a More Organized Office
March 1, 2002

A common misconception held by school transportation professionals is that a messy desk is a sign of hard work. But even in a fast-paced industry depe...

How to react to the mystery of Otto Nuss
March 1, 2002

We may never know why 63-year-old Otto Nuss decided to hijack his own school bus, with 13 youngsters aboard, and light out for Washington, D.C., on an...

Let's take the bite out of labor negotiations
March 1, 2002

Last year I found myself involved in negotiations between various groups of educators, administrators and board members for a school district in Misso...

Tight Budgets Force Fleets to Look at Bus Purchase Options
March 1, 2002

Cary Hartwig had a problem. The transportation supervisor at Northwood-Kensett Community Schools in Northwood, Iowa, needed to replace two buses in hi...

Onboard Video Assists in Training
February 1, 2002

The San Marcos (Calif.) Unified School District has equipped three school vans with audio/video recording systems that register bus movement. The Driv...

Use Empathy Effectively
February 1, 2002
The most effective managers are those who have the ability to empathize with their employees. This means identifying with and understanding their feel...
A Call for Public Involvement
February 1, 2002
School bus safety is not solely your operation’s responsibility, though it may seem so at times. It’s also important for the general public to underst...
Limit Involuntary Overtime Hours
February 1, 2002
Forcing employees to work overtime can cause substandard work and considerable strain on individuals outside of the workplace. Yet many employers cont...
How to Predict the Unpredictable
February 1, 2002
Is there any way to predict that a bus driver will do something bizarre that could endanger passengers, like Otto Nuss in the Pennsylvania hijacking? ...

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