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Apps, web tools help directors organize data, manage staff

Directors deal with packed schedules and the need to frequently be offsite. The latest apps and web tools provide the ability to manage attendance, access up-to-date fleet information, and more quickly share vital information with staff in emergencies even when they are not sitting behind their desks.

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eTimekeeper streamlines tracking staff time

  • The new eTimekeeper app from Tyler Technologies helps all staff members track time and attendance from anywhere.
    <p>The new eTimekeeper app from Tyler Technologies helps all staff members track time and attendance from anywhere.</p>
    Tyler Technologies’ new eTimekeeper is a mobile time and attendance application that helps all staff members of the transportation department, including directors, drivers, mechanics and aides, track time and attendance from anywhere using smartphones, tablets or desktop computers.

The Clock In/Clock Out format provides employees and supervisors an efficient method of tracking hours worked.

The product is especially beneficial to transportation directors because they can see all the data for drivers and other staff in one place, Ted Thien, senior vice president and general manager, Versatrans, says.

“eTimekeeper allows directors to log in and see who’s punched in, [available] to drive, punched out on break or not punched in. It gives them a quick heads-up,” he explains.

Additionally, when workers forget to punch in or out, eTimekeeper allows the employer or employee to go back into the system and create an “honor punch” — a retroactive punch with a valid reason.

The app also lets drivers record their time under different job codes.
eTimekeeper is available on iPhone, Android and Samsung.

Ground Traffic Control tracks, analyzes fleet info

  • Zonar’s Ground Traffic Control graphs and charts allow directors to evaluate fleet data and determine factors such as fuel efficiency and average rate of speed.
    <p>Zonar’s Ground Traffic Control graphs and charts allow directors to evaluate fleet data and determine factors such as fuel efficiency and average rate of speed.</p>

    Zonar’s Ground Traffic Control, a web-based fleet tracking tool, provides real-time fleet operation data that transportation directors and fleet managers can use to save money.

Features include showing the total fuel shot through the injectors on a per-trip, -driver or -vehicle basis; monitoring engine idle time per vehicle and operator; providing workday visibility of vehicle operator productivity; and automatic real-time notification of missed vehicle inspections.

Zonar’s onboard telematics platform transmits fault codes and data at the engine and sub-system levels, for example, notifying managers if a stop arm is up or down, or if there is a potential problem with the bus.

It also  provides GPS information, to identify the real-time location with operating data including speed and hard braking events, Andrew Johnson, director of marketing, Zonar Systems, says.

Additionally, Ground Traffic Control makes data usable for a fleet manager or transportation director, displaying user-defined graphs and charts that allow directors to evaluate the health, performance and compliance status of their fleet, he adds.

A.R.M.O.R. Insight organizes fleet data in one place

REI’s A.R.M.O.R. Insight keeps all fleet data in one place.
<p>REI’s A.R.M.O.R. Insight keeps all fleet data in one place.</p>

Directors and fleet managers can use REI’s A.R.M.O.R. Insight, a web-enabled, server-based software solution, to get a 360-degree fleet data overview delivered to their desktops or mobile devices. Having access to the data can help directors reduce idle time, monitor speed and acceleration, and improve fleet safety.

As part of REI’s A.R.M.O.R. suite of software, which includes AutoPilot, Diagnostics and Stop Arm, Insight organizes data and adds more dashboard views so transportation directors have one location to view the various system statuses. The Executive Dashboard view provides a complete overview of all systems and inputs.

“The graphs and reports can be different user-friendly windows on the dashboard so that transportation directors obtain an overall view of how the system is operating,” Darwin Rubeck, national sales manager, REI, says.

“For instance, you have a geo fencing that says, ‘I don’t want this bus to go over 60 miles an hour,’” he explains. “The graph and report shows each time buses went over 60 mph. Insight locates on the map where that happened and uses it for monitoring driver behavior, fuel usage, oil pressure or alarms from the ‘check engine’ light.”    

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