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March 09, 2010  |   Comments (1)   |   Post a comment

Miss. schools to convert buses into ambulances in emergencies

The state's Department of Heath and Department of Education have partnered with emergency response agencies and school districts to develop AmuBus, a program that allows districts to turn out-of-rotation buses into medical evacuation vehicles during emergencies.

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Transportation staff practice installing the AmbuBus kit.

The logistics of deploying converted buses during an emergency must be worked out between the school districts and their local emergency response managers, Craig said. "Is it going to be school bus drivers and EMS folks that get on the bus, or is it going to be hospital staff? All those specific issues are part of the plan that we require them to put together before we would provide them a kit, so there would be not just a resource there but also a plan on how to use that resource," he explained.


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that is such a great idea and cost effective at the same time Lincoln unified of Stockton, calif converted there old crown into a moible woodshop and take to all there elementary schools

dana fairchild    |    Jun 01, 2010 11:43 AM

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