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October 01, 2006  |   Comments (0)   |   Post a comment

Finding the Best Solution for Your Surveillance Needs

Video cameras in school buses help school districts and contractors tackle tough issues of liability, behavioral management and student safety. But finding the right package for your fleet can be a challenge.

by Alison Blasko, Associate Editor

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Safety Vision
Safety Vision’s RouteRecorder 1000 MDVR and the RouteRecorder 5C MDVR are two of the company’s top sellers. The RouteRecorder 5C MDVR records up to five camera views and is equipped with a shock-resistant, mobile-rated removable hard drive canister.

Chris Beard, national sales manager for Safety Vision, feels digital is here to stay and that eventually live streaming video will be viewed from a central location within a school district. “Technological advancement will allow easier, faster, more cost-effective ways to retrieve and obtain better coverage,” Beard says.

According to Seon President Ian Radziejewski, the Trooper DVR system edged out last year’s top-selling Scout VCR system as the company’s “hot” product for the pupil transportation market.

Radziejewski believes digital surveillance cameras better address what he calls today’s top security concern — student misbehavior — be it bullying or distracting the driver. Radziejewski feels proper camera placement on the bus is imperative, and his staff works closely with the district when installing the systems.

“For parents, a video surveillance system gives them the peace of mind that their children have an added level of protection while they are on the bus,” says Radziejewski.

247 Security
While 247 Security is a relatively new player in the pupil transportation market, Robert Scott, vice president of sales and marketing, has been an industry player his entire career. A true USB device, the top-selling DVR 400 series features a compact, user-friendly installation, snap-on conductors, removable hard drive, wireless and memory-stick capabilities and secure password-protected software. The 500 series will be released shortly.

“We focused on video retrieval,” says Scott. “With a memory stick, you have video literally in your pocket. While wireless has not yet been embraced by the school bus industry, we are confident that wireless will become the default standard. And we are ready to go with that now.”


Security at night, too

As the sun sets, security needs rise. While most school bus fleets operate during daylight hours, transporting students to and from extracurricular activities does occur during the twilight and evening hours.

The Seon Night Owl Video Surveillance System helps to collect better images under low-light conditions, such as twilight or night.

Under normal lighting, the camera produces color images for the video recorder. At night, the camera addresses the change and automatically switches to black and white mode. The camera records low-light details that even an eyewitness with 20/20 vision potentially could miss.

Further boosting the Night Owl system’s capabilities under low-light conditions is the IR (infrared) illuminator, which consists of an array of 16 light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that produce a beam of light in the infrared spectrum that is invisible to the human eye but detectable by the Night Owl camera. The camera delivers clear images from a distance of up to 30 feet in total darkness.


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