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November 01, 2005  |   Comments (0)   |   Post a comment

PTSI unveils new line of products and services

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. — The Pupil Transportation Safety Institute (PTSI) has launched several new resources to assist school transportation professionals across the country. Following are summaries of the new products and services.

Bullying prevention campaign
Many school districts have developed anti-bullying programs in recent years for teachers and other school staff, but bus drivers and attendants are often forgotten. PTSI’s “Growing Respect on Your Bus” materials are designed to fill this gap. They include a wide variety of training resources to help school districts and bus companies involve bus drivers, attendants, parents and students in an integrated campaign to protect vulnerable children from bullying and harassment on school buses. Campaign materials (each item sold separately) include:


  • An instructor’s guide with CD-ROM for conducting a one-hour driver in-service. Includes notes, handouts and break room posters.
  • Full-color brochure for parents.
  • “Respect Rules” bus posters.
  • Stickers for students.
  • Training video “Growing Respect on Your Bus: Student Management Strategies for Preventing Bullying and Harassment.”


    Guidebook on bus stops
    Experts Peggy Burns, Lenny Bernstein and Jim Ellis weigh in on the critical issue of bus stops in PTSI’s new book, “School Bus Stops: A Safety Guide for Transporters.” Historically, there has been a lack of clear guidance for school districts about how to establish and maintain safe bus stops. Existing guidelines are useful but generic and limited in scope.

    PTSI’s bus stop guide provides sound, practical guidance for school districts and bus companies about how and where to place school bus stops. One of the key points of the book is the importance of creating a clear system for establishing and evaluating stops and for handling parent and community complaints. The book is 175 pages and costs $34.95.

    Safety assessment checklist
    The safety record of school buses is excellent, but it’s not perfect. Only constant vigilance will ensure the future safety of America’s children. This free tool from PTSI was developed to help in learning more about local transportation operations. The “School Transportation Safety Assessment Checklist,” a 56-page document available as a free download at, includes a broad spectrum of criteria for running a model pupil transportation system. It can be used by transporters, school board members, parents or outside consultants — helping to make informed decisions about where school bus safety resources can be allocated to best effect.

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