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November 01, 2005  |   Comments (0)   |   Post a comment

20 Fascinating Personalities (Part 4)

More remarkable people from across the pupil transportation industry.

by SBF staff editors Steve Hirano, Thomas McMahon and Albert Neal

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Carol Todecheene and her husband enjoy traveling and often spend their Sundays taking scenic drives.

Carol Todecheene

Transportation Supervisor, Kayenta (Ariz.) Unified School District

Born: Monument Valley, Utah
Home: Kayenta, Ariz.
Years in industry: 12
Notable previous jobs: I was a coach bus driver. I drove all over the country, meeting people and seeing new places. Not to mention the pay.

How did you get your start in the industry?
I had two jobs: one was driving for a coach company and the other was working in classrooms part time. But I found that I could drive and work with students as a school bus driver.

Current job duties?
I manage and supervise the transportation department for the Kayenta Unified School District (KUSD). My duties include getting reports in, managing the budget and facilitating meetings.

Top achievements in life?
KUSD’s transportation department making “Top Shop” three consecutive years and my being a school board member for a small school. I’ve overcome cancer and have been married for 27 years to a wonderful man.

Outside interests?
Movies, having family over for dinner, reading and playing bingo. If my family is in town, then it’s dinner and a movie. If I come home late, I read a book, if I have a full day off, then it’s off to play bingo or take a Sunday drive with my husband.

Favorite book or movie?
I don’t have a favorite book or movie, but I have three favorite authors; John Grisham, Sydney Sheldon and Mary Higgins Clark. I like mysteries and suspense. It keeps me guessing.

Most interesting place you’ve been?
I would say San Francisco — from Chinatown, to Muir Woods, Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz and many more locations. From there, my husband and I traveled to the Sequoia National Forest. I guess what makes it most interesting is that it’s the first place I traveled.

Strangest job you’ve had?
The strangest job I ever held was night auditor for a hotel chain. The suspense books and movies I’ve read and seen broadened my imagination. Seeing and hearing things in the night scared me. This job only lasted three months.

Something people would be surprised to learn about you?
When I travel, people are surprised to learn that my father is a Navajo code talker.



Donald Tudor and his wife, Leah, enjoy celebrating Christmas, a special time of year for the two and their family.

Donald N. Tudor

State Director of Pupil Transportation, South Carolina Department of Education

Born: Raleigh, N.C.
Home: Columbia, S.C.
Years in industry: 14
Notable previous jobs: Director of transportation policy for Gov. Richard W. Riley and owner of Donald Tudor Transportation Consulting Associates.

How did you get your start in the industry?
While on the governor’s staff, I directed the state federal public transit program and worked to coordinate these resources with other passenger transportation in the state. As a private transportation consultant, I conducted numerous studies and provided assistance to passenger transportation operations across the country.

Current job duties?
I direct the South Carolina Office of Transportation at the state Department of Education. This office owns, maintains, services and inspects the state’s fleet of 5,700 school buses.

Top achievements in life?
The opportunity to manage and lead the best state school transportation operation in the country. And, after work, enjoying life with my beautiful and very talented wife and three exceptional children.

Outside interests?
Long-time member of my church’s choirs, yard work, golfing and visiting my very active 90-year-old mother in North Carolina.

Most interesting place you’ve been?
Every time I visit one of my 45 school bus maintenance facilities, I’m constantly impressed at the professionalism of my staff and their willingness to keep very old school buses safely operating on the road with limited funding.

Strangest job you’ve had?
I assisted in the management of South Carolina’s Hay Emergency in 1986. The summer of 1986 presented South Carolina and the southeast with a drought that left us without hay for our livestock. As the transportation director for the governor, it was my job to find ways to transport donated hay from every state in the nation to South Carolina.

Something people would be surprised to learn about you?
I took a whitewater rafting trip down Oregon’s Rogue River.

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