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April 01, 2002  |   Comments (0)   |   Post a comment

Educate Your Drivers About Drugs

The following questions come from Norton Medical Industries’ transportation industry drug quiz. The quiz tests drug and alcohol knowledge. 1. How long can marijuana remain detectable in a user’s system? A) Up to two days B) Up to 12 weeks C) Up to 45 days D) Up to 5 days 2. Marijuana has a negative effect on: A) Thinking B) Learning C) Coordination D) All of the above 3. How long can cocaine remain detectable in a user’s system? A) Up to two days B) Up to 12 weeks C) Up to 18 days D) Up to 5 days 4. The stages of addiction include: A) Experimentation B) Occasional use C) Buys on his/her own D) A need for the drug E) All of the above 5. Cocaine affects the blood vessels in the heart and brain by: A) Contracting (making them smaller) B) Dilating (making them larger) C) No effect D) Turning them inside out 6. Amphetamines can cause: A) Feelings of increased abilities B) Loss of appetite C) Addiction D) Feelings of increased energy E) Vascular disease F) Psychosis G) All of the above Answers: (C), (D), (D), (E), (A), (G)

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