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Maximize Time for Important

Make better use of your time by adopting the following techniques: • Don’t give the same instructions twice. In running a school bus fleet, there will be many occasions when you have to give the same instructions to multiple people. Avoid giving a speech or a memo to employees individually. Instruct them as a group and not one-on-one. • Simplify the process. Do you write rough drafts or notes, only to have an assistant type them? To eliminate a possible waste of time, consider dictating instead of writing. After all, you talk faster than you write. • Change directions. Sticking to the same task for an extended period of time can cause you to lose concentration and even become bored. Change the pace of your work several times each day to keep your mind fresh and help you accomplish more. • Be proactive — not reactive. Don’t just react to whatever happens during the workday. Attack each block of time during the day with a specific plan and objective. • Divide and conquer. Separate any major project into manageable chunks. Add a chunk or two to your work agenda each day. • Stop fooling yourself. Don’t deny how long it takes you to complete some of your normal tasks. For two weeks, log the time it takes you to do each task. This can be irritating, but the results will help you visualize how you spend your time. Use the log results to manage your time and delegate certain jobs. Source: Reprinted from The Manager’s Edge, at

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