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Alternative fuel conference to be held in Las Vegas


LAS VEGAS — The Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute has announced details for its 2008 Alternative Fuels & Vehicles National Conference and Expo.

The conference will be held May 11-14 in Las Vegas and is designed to provide technology and fuel product information to fleets, policymakers and advocates for clean transportation.

It will also offer concurrent sessions to complement the conference’s general session proceedings and keynote presentations; the lineup is organized around the categories of electric drive, fuels and fueling, money, policy and vehicles.

Session topics include:


  • All Charged Up: Electric Vehicle Product Rollouts


  • Charge It Please: Electric Vehicle Investments that Make Sense


  • Creative Outlets: Growing the Market for Plug-in Hybrids


  • Changing Gears: The Medium- and Heavy-Duty Hybrid Promise


  • An Ounce of Prevention: How to Select the Right Alternative Fuels for Your Fleet


  • Hindsight Is 20/20: Drivers and Mechanics Share Lessons Learned


  • It’s a Gas: Running Your Fleet on Propane


  • Ready, Set, Grow: How to Incorporate Biodiesel into Your Fleet Today


  • Fed Fever: Using Federal Incentives to Drive Your Fleet


  • Prophetic Profits: Early Adopters Show How Green Begets Gold


  • Bottoms Up: Local Government Paving the Alternative Fuel Pathway


  • Hydrogen Cells: Paving the Way for the Hydrogen Highway


  • The Right Fit: A Toolkit of After-Market Solutions for Heavy-Duty Vehicles

    To view the full list of sessions, and for more information, visit

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