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EvacuBlast System cleans diesel particulate filters


The EvacuBlast System is being touted as a cost effective and thorough way to clean diesel particulate filters (DPFs) on school buses and other vehicles.

Officials with EnviroMotive Inc., the maker of the system, say that it is now in use in more than 50 school districts across California and bordering states, and in hundreds of diesel repair facilities around the country.

The EvacuBlast EB-9001 includes adapter plates for cleaning all sizes, makes and models of diesel particulate filters.
<p>The EvacuBlast EB-9001 includes adapter plates for cleaning all sizes, makes and models of diesel particulate filters.</p>
EnviroMotive's Jim Sutherland told SBF that many school bus operations are sending their DPFs out to be serviced — which he said can take three days or more to get the filters back on the bus — but "they can very simply do the service themselves."

To that end, EnviroMotive offers two steps to its EvacuBlast DPF Cleaning System.

The EB-9001 DPF Cleaning Cabinet is a manual system. It gives technicians the versatility to concentrate on cells that may need extra attention. The result, according to the company, is a filter that will perform longer between cleaning cycles because it is cleaned thoroughly.

The EB-9001 includes adapter plates for all sizes, makes and models of DPFs on the market.

The EB-9002 Regeneration Oven is designed to protect the DPF during the regeneration cycle. It monitors the DPF to make sure there is no uncontrolled regeneration.

The Regeneration Oven can hold multiple filters in a single cycle, and it has six programmable options to ensure a proper regeneration process.

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