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Articles/News - School Bus Maintenance

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Cost-effective retreading
March 1, 2002

It is possible to reduce tire costs while all other operating costs soar upward, says Paul Robotham, manager of vehicle maintenance services for North...

New Motor Oil Category Makes Debut This Fall
March 1, 2002

Motor oil isn’t usually a topic that school bus fleet operators spend much time discussing. But that might change soon, after new-and-improved l...

Quiz Your School Bus Technicians
January 1, 2002

The following questions are from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) test for school bus technicians, which certifies techn...

Cold-weather checklist
January 1, 2002

To help avoid unnecessary damage to the engine in harsh winter weather, the International Bus Vehicle Center,, offers th...

Speedy PM lube job
January 1, 2002

To simplify and speed up a lube, oil and filter PM, try these easy steps. • Prior to removing the oil filter, puncture a hole in the bottom of it to...

Finding electrical shorts
December 1, 2001

It can be frustrating and time-consuming to locate a short in an electrical system, especially in a school bus, which has seemingly miles of wiring. B...

Leaky radiator diagnosis
December 1, 2001

Leaky radiator diagnosis I have a leaky radiator with multiple pinholes on the core and a failed header-to-tube joint. It all seems to be happenin...

Spec’ing for rough roads/Leaking radiator tanks
November 1, 2001

Spec’ing for rough roads How can you spec your buses to best handle rough rural roads? • Spec heavy-duty components for increased vehicle longevity....

Advantages, challenges of vaunted 42-volt systems
November 1, 2001

Already being developed for cars and light trucks, 42-volt electrical systems will soon come to heavier-duty vehicles. They will first migrate to ...

Preventing Accidents in the School Bus Garage
November 1, 2001

A school bus garage is full of hazards. Maintenance workers’ daily duties involve lifting and moving heavy equipment, using harsh chemicals and ...

How to Repair Vinyl Seats on School Buses
September 1, 2001

In the school bus business, seat repair is as common as yellow paint, costing the industry millions of dollars annually and keeping thousands of peopl...

Preparing Your Fleet for Wintry Conditions
September 1, 2001

In many areas of the nation, the sweltering summer heat belies the harsh, cold reality of winter. The summer also tends to allow some slack in operati...

Recipe for Successful Spec'ing of a Heating System
August 1, 2001

There are many factors that weigh in on the spec'ing of a school bus heating system. Operators must consider state requirements, district or contracto...

N.C. district begins test of Mercedes engine
August 1, 2001

With the movement toward integration of chassis and body (and, in some cases, engines) in the school bus manufacturing industry, it should be no surpr...

Innovations in Equipment Reap Major Safety Rewards
August 1, 2001

By applying modern technology to the areas of greatest concern to school transportation providers, manufacturers and operators are coming up with crea...

Easy Ways to Diagnose Charging System Problems
June 1, 2001

For a lot of mechanics, diagnosing the cause of a failed charging system has about as much appeal as a lecture on quantum physics. This might explain ...

Upgrading of equipment is top priority in bus shop
April 1, 2001

What would you do if your employer unexpectedly gave you a 10 percent raise? Put a down payment on a new car? Fix that leaky roof? Start a college fun...

Guidelines for Designing a School Bus Maintenance Facility
April 1, 2001

Input from the entire staff is essential to avoid a 'dysfunctional' facility. Measure your needs carefully. If possible, consider sharing your with other public agencies.

Do your fleet's wiring specs follow NCST recommendations?
April 1, 2001

Last year, the 13th National Conference on School Transportation (NCST) approved a 361-page document called National School Transportation Specificati...

Tracking and Analyzing Road Breakdowns
April 1, 2001

Tracking road breakdowns is key to fine-tuning an operation’s preventive maintenance program. How often your buses need to be brought in for routine m...

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