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Web exclusive: Getting the most out of DEF

Understanding some basic facts about diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), such as its freezing point, the importance of using high-quality DEF and keeping it clean, and proper storage procedures, will go a long way in its efficiency in a selective catalytic reduction system.

by Mike Mavrigian

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OTC (Bosch Automotive Service Solutions) offers an affordable, high-quality DEF refractometer with its model 5025.Photo courtesy of Bosch Automotive Service Solutions
<p>OTC (Bosch Automotive Service Solutions) offers an affordable, high-quality DEF refractometer with its model 5025.<br /><small>Photo courtesy of Bosch Automotive Service Solutions</small></p>

Storing DEF
Storage temperatures need to be held at between 12 F and 86 F. According to sources, this maintains optimal shelf life for up to two years. If DEF is allowed to freeze, once thawed, its efficiency returns to normal. Prolonged storage above 86 F will cause hydrolysis to occur, reducing shelf life.

DEF is available in a variety of volumes, including 1-gallon containers, 2.5-gallon containers, 55-gallon drums and 275-gallon totes.

DEF is also available at the pump, primarily at truck stops and diesel repair facilities.

Our understanding at this time is that DEF is sold in North America as DEF, Peak’s BlueDef, Valvoline’s Airshield, C-Blue, TerraCair and Air1.

Mike Mavrigian is editor of Auto Service Professional, a sister magazine of SCHOOL BUS FLEET, published by Bobit Business Media. This article originally appeared in the May/June 2013 issue of Auto Service Professional.

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