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February 13, 2014  |   Comments (0)   |   Post a comment

A/c units keep current with cooling needs

Trends in school bus air-conditioning systems include increased demand for bulkhead evaporators and rooftop units, officials say. Here’s a look at key features in the latest cooling technology.

by Thomas McMahon - Also by this author

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New improvements to Rifled’s BH series evaporators include a four-hole drain pan. Pictured is the BH-20.

New improvements to Rifled’s BH series evaporators include a four-hole drain pan. Pictured is the BH-20.

Shift to bulkhead evaporators

Cheyne Rauber, general manager of Rifled Air Conditioning Systems Inc. (RAC), says that the company’s most popular evaporator, the BH-20, meets an increased demand for bulkhead evaporators.

“Over the last five years, we have recognized a major shift in demand from the standard hang-down style evaporators to the new bulkhead style evaporators,” Rauber says.

One of the key factors driving this trend is that bulkhead style evaporators are designed to give an integrated appearance into the front and rear bulkheads of the bus. Another key factor is that the design combines style and function with minimal cabin intrusion, Rauber says.

RAC has made new improvements to its BH series evaporators:

• A redesigned four-hole drain pan, which creates a positive drain of the condensation/water that is created during normal operation of the a/c evaporator. With four drains, the orientation of the bus does not affect the draining capability, since there is always a low point for proper drainage.

• Rivet nuts have been added to the sides of the BH series evaporators. This upgrade provides installers different mounting options to fill a larger range of install applications.

RAC has also recently redesigned its website with updated articles and air-conditioning relevant content, including updated wiring diagrams and service documents.

Meeting demand for rooftop units

  • ACT’s CR-3 condenser provides additional flexibility for a/c system installation choices.
    <p>ACT’s CR-3 condenser provides additional flexibility for a/c system installation choices.<br /><br /></p>

Some of American Cooling Technology (ACT)’s most recent product developments include an expanded rooftop product line and additional bulkhead mounted in-wall evaporators, such as the EV-2.

ACT officials say that the application of rooftop air-conditioning systems and components has been an industry-wide trend within the past few years.

Condenser coils located on the roof of the bus have access to cooler, cleaner air, which contributes to both higher capacity from the a/c system and less maintenance, compared to coils that are located under the floor of the bus. Having an a/c option atop the bus also gives bus manufacturers more flexibility with design and use of space.

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