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January 31, 2012  |   Comments (1)   |   Post a comment

Vehicle lifts: It's all about mobility

Officials at vehicle lift manufacturing companies say that the portability of mobile column units makes it easy to service buses, and each company’s lifts include numerous safety features, such as weight gauges and overload protection.

by Brittany-Marie Swanson

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Rotary Lift's MACH 4 mobile column lift is equipped with retractable cord reels.
<p>Rotary Lift's MACH 4 mobile column lift is equipped with retractable cord reels.</p>

Rotary Lift
Rotary Lift’s MACH 4 mobile column lift offers versatility and time-saving features, according to Northeast Regional Fleet Manager Jay Ashworth.

The lift’s hydraulic cylinder “is inverted and the chrome piston rod is protected from debris and damage at all times, extending the life of the product and substantially reducing maintenance costs,” Ashworth says.

Retractable cord reels keep the cables that connect the lift’s columns out of the way and off the floor. The lift, Ashworth says, can go from wired to wireless and back again with the “flip of a switch.”

He adds that the lift automatically re-establishes communication between columns if the signal is dropped, so there is no need to reset communication errors.

The lift is battery operated with an onboard, waterproof charger, which Ashworth says can be used in wash bays.

The MACH 4 also comes equipped with high-efficiency LED lighting. “This single-touch operation system provides hands-free lighting under the vehicle, conveniently operated from the lift’s control panel,” Ashworth says.

An optional weight gauge will approximate the weight being lifted by each column, and extended forks and support legs are available to support inboard tires on dual-wheeled axles.

“Every Rotary lift is designed and tested to withstand 20,000 cycles with the rated capacity load. That’s over 15 years of service in the average shop,” Ashworth says. “Our arms are subjected to a 150-percent load test to demonstrate our commitment to quality and safety where it counts.”

SEFAC's S3 mobile column lift has up to 108,000 pounds of lifting power.
<p>SEFAC's S3 mobile column lift has up to 108,000 pounds of lifting power.</p>

SEFAC’s S3 mobile column lift is one of the company’s most popular products. At an 18,000-pound capacity per column, the unit has up to 108,000 pounds of lifting power and can be operated from any column.

“The reason that we manufacture mobile lifts is because they’re portable; there’s flexibility,” says Gary Mason, vice president of sales. He says this is important for districts, because mobile lifts can be used to raise any size bus.

The columns of the S3 lift can be moved by one technician and allow
unobstructed access to the underbody of the bus. The columns communicate through cables.

“We use cables to connect the columns so you’ve got constant power to each column, and the safety circuit is constant as well,” Mason explains.

Also, the lifts are equipped with self-locking Acme threaded screws and bronze load nuts that do not require mechanical backup locks.

In addition, SEFAC provides accessories for its mobile column lifts, including two sizes of a heavy-duty jack stand, small tire adapters, transmission jacks, chassis cross-beams and wheel dollies, which allow technicians to remove wheels safely and quickly.

The most important thing SEFAC offers, according to Mason, is extensive service.

“All of our technicians are SEFAC-employed technicians,” he says. “When there’s an issue with a service or a breakdown, a SEFAC technician will turn up with — most of the time — everything in his van that he needs to put the lift right.”

SEFAC also certifies lift operators and provides regular training.


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Gray Mfg has a mobile column lift that is completely wireless. They are the innovators and patent holders on the wireless communications. It is a battery power electric hydraulic lift. Gray Mfg is a USA manufacturer based in Saint Joseph Missouri.

Sondra Kirby    |    Apr 13, 2012 09:21 AM

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