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March 31, 2011  |   Comments (1)   |   Post a comment

The Right Brakes for the Bus

SCHOOL BUS FLEET spoke with officials from three braking system manufacturers about how managing weight, drag and temperature with the right system can keep a school bus safe.

by Brittany-Marie Swanson

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The Air-Set Smartbrake provides powerful secondary braking and rapid engine warm-up and maintains a constant engine temperature.
<p>The Air-Set Smartbrake provides powerful secondary braking and rapid engine warm-up and maintains a constant engine temperature.</p>

Regular maintenance extends product lifetime
Mohr suggests that low maintenance costs is one of the most important features of a good braking system, as well as thermal management, low drag and the correct amount of torque to stop the bus in the proper distance.

“We [at Performance Friction] suggest that the fleet maintenance manager be aware of changes to manufacturing locations for their service parts,” he adds. “The manager who is responsible for the safe operation of school buses and for the cost of maintenance has to be more concerned that he or she is using good parts, made to the OEM-tested specifications, on their vehicles as service parts.”

If maintained correctly, Smartbrake products can have the same life expectancy as that of the bus or truck in which they are installed.

“The Smartbrake is very reliable and only requires an annual maintenance,” Phillips says. Installation of a Smartbrake system takes, on average, only a few hours.

“What we [at Haldex] always say is that proper maintenance and inspection are key to long service life,” Corbett says. “We preach that in our technical schools, and when it comes to customers, we always say that because that really is the key.”

Maintenance, Corbett continues, is especially important to the school bus industry because any problems have the potential to affect the lives of students.

“Inspection in the school bus industry is more stringent than in some of the other vocations we deal with, and rightfully so,” he concludes.

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I need to know,,how to stop a school bus running down the road,with no brakes, April the 4th at 7;25 am my school bus lost its brakes,i pulled the emergency brake thinking that it would stop me ,but it did not,i figure it would stop a bus at 25 miles per hour,,,and it DID-NOT,, I ran off the side of road in the mud to slow me down until bus came to a stop,,i reported to bus barn the trouble.. Mr Clyde Davidson said the emergency brake Was not design to stop the bus at that speed,,,then what is,,, Will Some ONE PLEASE GIVE ME A ANSWER,, Tony Walters Neosho Mo, 1-417-312-5178 or 1-417-451- 1840 my home, by the way i was in the turning lane i have been driving a school bus for 7 years

Tony Walters    |    Apr 29, 2011 03:06 AM

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