School buses on screen and after retirement

Kelly Roher
Posted on May 11, 2012

Here, a school bus is featured in a preview for “The Dark Knight Rises” (Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures). This is just one example of the many times these vehicles have been included in films.

When I come in to work each day for SBF, I’m always reminded of the important role that school buses and the pupil transportation industry as a whole play in students’ education.

Outside of work, I’m often reminded of how yellow buses are an integral part of our culture. During a recent trip to the movies, I saw a preview for the Batman flick “The Dark Knight Rises,” which included a scene with a school bus.

This is one of many films where school buses play a role. In 2008’s “The Dark Knight,” the Joker uses a school bus as his getaway vehicle for a bank robbery. SBF paid tribute to school buses in films in 2010 by showcasing this scene and several other memorable ones.         
I’ve noticed that school buses are sometimes featured in TV shows as well, particularly if the characters in the show are high school students. In thinking about this, I became curious as to whether your operation’s school buses have ever been used in a film or TV show. If so, I’m interested to learn what movie or show; post a comment below or send an e-mail to [email protected].

School buses remain useful for a variety of purposes after they’ve been retired from service by school districts and contractors, further exemplifying their relevance in our culture beyond transporting students. As SBF reported in “Retired School Buses Still Serve," these vehicles have been used for everything from selling groceries to constructing underground bunkers to mobile homes.  

More recently, SBF reported on an Alabama family that uses a retired school bus as a tornado shelter.

We also shared photos of other repurposed school buses in the gallery “The New Lives of Old School Buses.” Among the interesting conversions are a school bus that’s serving as a mobile farmer’s market and a bus that’s been turned into a gym on wheels. 

When your operation has retired its school buses, what types of projects or services have they been used for? Share your stories below or in an e-mail.

Until next time,

Kelly Roher
Managing Editor

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  • Jake Overby

     | about 6 years ago

    When my old bus blew the engine, they pulled it and donated it to a local fire department to torch and train on. That poor bus is probably a mangled charred mess by now!

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