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December 30, 2013  |   Comments (2)   |   Post a comment

Top 5 most commented-on posts of 2013

by SBF Staff


As 2013 draws to a close, here's a recap of five blog posts this year that drew the most engagement from our followers. 

1. “Don’t make driver the scapegoat in school bus attack,” Aug. 9 (29 comments)

“Mr. Moody did the right thing. There's no way on God's green earth that he would have been able to tangle with three 15 year olds. Any reasonable judge would dismiss that lawsuit.” — S. Dello Russo

2. “How did you become a school transportation manager?”, Sept. 23 (29 comments)

“I was a teacher, then school administrator, then a director in the maintenance department before becoming the director of transportation.” — Herb Jensen

3. “Crossing guards at school bus stops?”, Oct. 14 (18 comments)

“My concern is that the bus is unattended and someone could enter the bus with a weapon and shoot a lot of children or hold them captive. A terrorist could use this procedure as an opportunity to kill. The fact this has not happened yet is no excuse to continue this procedure.” — Barry Brooks

4. “Prepping for taking the wheel … of a yellow bus,” April 12 (13 comments)

“Let your readers know if you can honestly compare a Toyota Tundra truck to a 40-foot school bus. It will be interesting to read your outcome with this project. … Driving around a parking lot would be fun and give you an idea of length, width and most important the weight of the bus. On the bus you are safer than off the bus! The student experience comes with driving and doing what is expected by your school district or company. Good luck!” — Doris Bean

5. "Pros and cons of starting school before Labor Day,” Aug. 15 (11 comments)

“I am for starting school toward end of August or after Labor Day. Getting out in May is too early to vacation. August in Missouri is hot; the bus ride is uncomfortably hot when it is 90-plus degrees.” — Will Rosa

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I think you will find my current topic regarding CNG safety on the SBF web site has 32 comments as of 12/31/13And the winner is ............Happy New Year, and may 2014 be kind to you all!

John Ashmore    |    Dec 30, 2013 12:09 PM

I have now been instructed to release my students (8) all grade one without an adult to walk them approx. 60yd thru a busy parking lot. They will now do this by themselves. Is there a law against this?

Paul McKenna    |    Mar 12, 2014 01:49 AM

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