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Taking On The Unexpected
October 8, 2010
In my years on the SBF team, I’ve learned that with the pupil transportation industry, you should expect the unexpected. However, I was surprised upon recently learning the specifics of illegal bus passing problems at a couple of school districts. We report in our forthcoming November issue...
To fee or not to fee?
August 30, 2010
It seems counterintuitive to deter districts from using fees to keep their bus programs running. If a district can’t afford to continue providing free rides and has to cut transportation, no one wins.
Zen and the art of driving
August 23, 2010
Here at SBF, we’ve been blogging quite a bit about road safety and safe driving, a particularly good topic in light of the school year ramping up. Bus drivers face the prospect of encountering not-so-friendly fellow motorists on our nation’s roads . . .
Challenges Behind The Wheel
August 6, 2010
As someone who drives a relatively small car, I’m often apprehensive around SUVs and large trucks because many of the drivers are aggressive and they whip in and out of lanes like they own the road. This got me thinking...
Don’t dismiss this idea
July 23, 2010
What else can be done to protect students from stop-arm runners while they cross the street? There’s one approach that, despite its long record of effectiveness, is only required in one state.
Talk About a Revolution
June 21, 2010
I got caught up in an interesting reality TV show this spring that followed celebrity chef Jamie Oliver as he worked to change the school food system in Huntington, W.Va. . . .
School’s Punishment for Bullies Goes Beyond Bus Suspension
June 14, 2010
A news source reported in April that disciplinary action was taken against three students for bullying a boy with Down syndrome while riding a school bus. As part of their punishment, the students were required to write a report on Down syndrome.
A historical ride
May 24, 2010
If you visit Lane Southern Orchards in Georgia, you may recognize the new tour vehicle: It’s a custom-built replica of the famed Blue Bird No. 1 school bus. Like Blue Bird, Lane Southern Orchards is located in Fort Valley. The school bus OEM, which built its first bus more than 80 years ago ...
Website Educates on School Bus Safety
May 10, 2010
In an effort to prevent loading and unloading zone fatalities, Terri Wright has launched J.A.C.O.B., or “Just Another Child On the Bus.” The Website, named after her son Jacob, who was run over by his school bus in 2004, provides information about the danger zone around a school bus and offers bus driver and student training tips.
Teens Strive to Revolutionize School Buses
April 12, 2010
Jonny Cohen of Highland Park, Ill., began developing GreenShields two years ago with the help of his sister and her friends. GreenShields is a Plexiglas shield designed to be retrofitted on school buses to make them more aerodynamic and, in turn, reduce their emissions.
SBF on the road
March 29, 2010
Although SBF editors spend most of their time behind a desk, it’s also part of our job to visit school bus operations on a regular basis and get the “boots-on-the-ground” view of the pupil transportation industry.
The building blocks of school bus safety
March 15, 2010
Buster the School Bus has taught important safety lessons to countless schoolchildren across the nation. But Robbie Ward, an autistic second-grader from North Carolina, was particularly inspired: After seeing the remote-controlled robot in a school assembly, Robbie created a model of Buster out of Legos.
Bus Helps Emphasize the Importance of Staying in School
February 22, 2010
Students in the Midwest and Southeast are getting a firsthand look at the vital role education plays in their lives and how their actions, particularly in high school, can significantly impact the rest of their lives through a specially designed school bus dubbed “The Choice Bus.”
Don't even go there
February 8, 2010
For those involved in pupil transportation, illegal passing of school buses is a persistent and dangerous scourge. So what do you do when the vehicle that illegally drives by a school bus is … another school bus?
Preview results from SBF's annual Special-Needs Survey
January 25, 2010
SCHOOL BUS FLEET conducts an annual survey of special-needs transportation providers for our February issue. Not only do we try to keep tabs on long-term trends, like the rate of growth of the population of special-needs students being transported, but we also try to ask school bus operators something new each year.
What Keeps Your Operation Running Smoothly During Harsh Weather?
December 28, 2009
A few days before Christmas, many travelers had to rearrange their holiday plans due to flight delays and cancellations prompted by a snow storm on the east coast. Hearing about the problems people were having reaching their destinations got me thinking about the obstacles school bus operations must face and overcome...
Facing the perils of winter with a smile
December 14, 2009
For those in cold climes, driving in the winter can be an arduous task. Sometimes just getting out of the driveway requires a great deal of effort (and a good shovel). Then out on the road, there are perils like black ice, poor visibility and huge snow banks. I lived in Oregon many years ago and can still recall the near-death feeling ...
How Do You Make Riding a School Bus Fun for Students?
November 16, 2009
My first day of kindergarten was traumatic. I don’t doubt that for some kids, the prospect of riding a school bus for the first time is just as frightening. Fortunately for those kids, the school bus industry is...
Conference dispatch: postcards from Louisville
November 3, 2009
The school bus industry convened here in Louisville, Ky., for the annual NAPT and NASDPTS conferences. The events were full of fascinating speakers, inspiring awards presentations and entertaining sights and activities. Here's a look at what we SBF editors captured with our cameras.
A tough seat to fill
October 26, 2009
Those who have worked at school bus operations for many years have likely seen periods of acute driver shortage. For many school districts, now is not one of those times. As we report in our annual School District Survey ...

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