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Talking out of turn
May 21, 2007
I saw a news report on a local TV station over the weekend about L.A. school bus drivers caught using their cell phones while transporting students. The report had a "gotcha" quality to it, with the reporter confronting the drivers as they got off the bus. This wasn't the worst piece of TV journalism that I've seen, but it did make a point -- bus drivers are violating California law by using cell phones while driving a school bus.
Yes, in my backyard
May 18, 2007
You've heard of NIMBY, right? If not, it means "not in my backyard" and generally refers to neighborhoods that don't want certain types of local development, e.g., liquor stores, prisons (!), rail lines, etc.Well, I've got a NIMBY situation. Just two blocks from where I live, a former elementary school that has been used for adult education classes is going to be re-activated this fall as a middle school. The kids who will be attending this school were displaced because their existing facil...
First time for everything
May 16, 2007
I’ve never blogged before, as will soon become apparent. But those of you who are familiar with my articles and columns in SCHOOL BUS FLEET already know that I’ve been a part of the pupil transportation community for many years. So I feel amply qualified to publish my thoughts here, even if the medium is a bit different from ink and paper.

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