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Getting Fired Up About Training
February 9, 2009
I recently interviewed Monica Coburn, transportation director at Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp. in Columbus, Ind., about a new training facility she developed with other transportation professionals in the state. The facility includes two buses . . .
Wanted: Top Shops
January 26, 2009
School transportation is part of the “behind-the-scenes” network of services that help students get through their school day. Even further behind the scenes is the school bus shop staff. . .
A High-Profile Ride
January 12, 2009
As President-Elect Obama sent his daughters off for their first day of school in Washington, I couldn’t help but wonder how they traveled. I didn’t really expect the soon-to-be first daughters to climb aboard a yellow school bus, Secret Service agents in tow. But ...
The Holiday Spirit Thrives
December 22, 2008
Last week, the SBF staff received several photos from a transportation director in Fresno County, Calif., who said that they capture the area’s first snowfall of the school year. I have long associated snow with the holidays, so the photos were a reminder that the holiday season is in full swing.
Looking Forward to Green Fleets
December 15, 2008
As we work on our January 2009 issue, where we will highlight 10 Green Fleets Across America, I’ve been thinking about all the ways school transportation departments and bus companies can reduce, reuse and recycle.
We’ve come a long way
December 8, 2008
If you look back over the record of school bus loading/unloading fatalities, which has been compiled annually for nearly four decades, you may be alarmed. In 1970-71, the first school year reported, 75 children in the U.S. were killed by their own school bus or a passing vehicle. ...
Spotlighting a School Bus Enthusiast
November 5, 2008
Washington Court House (Ohio) City Schools bus driver Jason Leeth has worked for the district for 12 years. He has been collecting school bus memorabilia for nearly twice that many years.
Postcards from Myrtle Beach
October 30, 2008
There were plenty of interesting sites to be seen over the past week in Myrtle Beach, S.C., where NAPT and NASDPTS held their annual conferences. You probably saw our Daily Report newsletters, which covered the speakers, workshops, trade show and other activities. Here are some more photos that I took in the conferences as well as on the streets (and a pier) of Myrtle Beach.
It's the time of the season for NAPT
October 22, 2008
In the Los Angeles area, where the SCHOOL BUS FLEET editorial staff is based, the seasons aren’t too clearly defined. For example, here in late October, it’s still sunny and warm just about every day, and the leaves on the palm trees don’t seem to be changing color . . .
The School Bus Blogosphere
October 16, 2008
Since SCHOOL BUS FLEET began its foray into the blogosphere, I’ve been looking for other blogs that discuss school buses and the business of getting students to and from school. Many drivers, companies, associations and even a school bus mechanic have started blogs . . .
Hands on the wheel, eyes on the road
October 9, 2008
Our governor here in California, a man by the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger, recently signed into law a ban on text-messaging while driving, effective Jan. 1 of next year. This certainly sounds like a good idea, as it’s hard to see where you’re going if you’re staring at a cellphone and punching the buttons . . .
Are you in the same boat?
September 25, 2008
Since joining the SBF staff last year, I have heard and read from numerous sources that transporting students to and from school safely is the top priority for individuals within the pupil transportation industry. Therefore, you can imagine my surprise when . . .
Making a big impression
September 18, 2008
I’ve often heard people in the pupil transportation industry say that the school bus is an extension of the classroom. I tend to agree. And in the same way that teachers can make a lasting impact on their students, bus drivers often do the same with their passengers. An editorial that I came across online recently provides strong evidence . . .
Where were you?
September 11, 2008
On Sept. 11, 2001, I was beginning my sophomore year of college in a small New England town. News spread rapidly across campus that day. Classes were canceled and a candlelight vigil was planned. . .
American yellow is spreading
September 4, 2008
Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and other agencies have illustrated the unparalleled safety record of school bus transportation in the U.S. and Canada. Another sign of our pupil transportation industry’s success can be seen in how some countries across have the globe have studied it and used it as a guide for their own . . .
Back to the blog
August 28, 2008
After an extended break, the SCHOOL BUS FLEET blog is officially back in action. Each week, my fellow editors and I will post on all things related to pupil transportation — from breaking news to human interest stories to industry chatter — adding occasional doses of opinion and humor. We hope you'll . . .
A magazine about school buses?
September 25, 2007
In August 1994, I saw a classified ad in the local newspaper. It read something like: "Managing editor needed for bus mag. Good working environment." Seeing that I was unemployed and likely to stay that way unless I developed some curiosity about editing jobs with bus mags, I called about the listing and a few days later was hired as senior editor at SCHOOL BUS FLEET Magazine.School buses? Why would anyone publish a magazine about buses? What have I gotten myself into? I asked myself. . .
Is that a bully on your bus?
September 18, 2007
My older son, who's in the third grade, recently told me that one of his classmates threw him down on the grass during recess. I said, "One of the bigger kids, right?" He said, "No, actually he's smaller than me." He leveled his hand to his own chin. "About this tall." "And he threw you down?" I replied. Well, you get the drift. I don't know if I'd classify his classmate as a bully, more likely he's just a rambunctious friend, but it concerns me when kids are tossing each . . .
The worried parent in all of us
September 11, 2007
Both of my sons, ages 6 and 8, are back in school. Neither ride the bus. We live outside the neighborhood school zone and thus don't qualify for school bus service. That means, of course, that my wife must drive them to and from school each day, a distance of about 3 miles.I know this is not the safest way to get them to and from school, but we don't have much choice. I sometimes wonder what it would be like if they did ride the bus. Would I go out and size up the driver? Would I complain...
Detox suggestions for a poisoned well
September 4, 2007
A while back I posted a note titled "Are You My Friend or My Boss?" and received many thoughtful comments about the critical importance of a manager developing a good relationship with his or her staff. This is not an easy task, I know. It requires give and take from both parties for the larger good of the organization.The reason I bring this up again is that I received an e-mail from a frustrated transportation supervisor who is trying to build a healthier workplace, but has had no success...

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