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Severe behavior problems managed by teacher-drivers
June 1, 2000

On every school bus lurks that student (or group of students) who consistently misbehaves. Not only is this disturbing, but it can be downright dangerous.

Integrated School Bus Targets Improved Driver Ergonomics, Serviceability
June 1, 2000

International's new Integrated Conventional (IC) school bus marries body, chassis and engine, allowing the company to oversee design, manufacturing and quality-control processes.

Tags: IC Bus
Sudden Death in Murray County
June 1, 2000

In the wake of a school bus-train collision that left three children dead and four injured, a community turns its eye to school bus driver training and electronic warning devices at highway-rail grade crossings.

Exploring the Options for Child-Alert Systems
June 1, 2000

From a simple Bus Empty sign to high-tech systems with microprocessors, several alternatives exist if you're shopping for a tool to remind drivers to check their buses.

8 Ways to Improve Your Tire Program
June 1, 2000

Improving the efficiency of your tire management program can return significant savings. Here are some basic, but often overlooked, strategies to ensure that your tire program is rolling smoothly.

Tags: tires
Cooling system requires some basic precautions
June 1, 2000

In today’s advanced diesel engines, the cooling system stands at the center of attention. Studies have shown that four out of 10 engine problems are related to improper mixture of coolant and additives or inadequate cooling system maintenance.

Tags: engines
NCST changes document name; balances caution, advancement
June 1, 2000

A new title for the final report and the addition of vehicle inspection guidelines were among the developments at the 13th National Conference on School Transportation.

Tags: NCST
How school choice affects pupil transportation
June 1, 2000

One of the hot topics this election year is whether to let families use tax dollars to send their children to alternative schools.

Tags: NSTA
This monster we create is more friend than foe
June 1, 2000

We should be thankful that 300-plus individuals care enough about their profession to gather even every five years to conduct marathon debates about equipment specifications and operational procedures, among other things.

Tags: NCST
News from the World of Pupil Transportation
April 1, 2000

International debuts its own conventional; No charges filed in fatal bus crash; Book readings help drivers bond with passengers

Learn to Detect the Signs of Drug and Alcohol Abuse
April 1, 2000

Even over-the-counter drugs, such as cough syrup and pain medication, can impair a driver’s abilities. Drivers and supervisors need to be aware of this and other substance-abuse facts.

Violence Prevention Is a Top Concern for Special-Needs Transporters
April 1, 2000

Transporting Students with Disabilities Conference focuses on violence prediction and prevention, which comes through understanding students' needs, treating them with respect and enforcing rules.

A woman with a headache relieves some industry pain
April 1, 2000

What’s interesting about this television commercial is how it has resonated within the school transportation community. Through the grapevine, I’ve heard that school bus drivers, especially, have embraced this 30-second sales pitch like a newly found twin.

Keys to the Perfect Marriage of Engine and Transmission
April 1, 2000

First, determine how the bus will be used. Second, rate the importance of performance, fuel economy and serviceability. Third, consider affordability.

Invest in your technicians or risk the consequences
April 1, 2000

School bus technicians must stay even — or ahead — of the technology curve.

Motivate Your Staff, Without Breaking the Bank
April 1, 2000

Small rewards, even Tootsie Rolls, and interest in their personal growth can encourage employees to give their best effort.

Tags: morale
Essential Training Strategies for School Bus Mechanics
April 1, 2000

With the proliferation of computerized engines and transmissions and ABS systems, shop managers need to find new ways to train and motivate school bus mechanics.

April 1, 2000

Fuel crunch bruises bus budgets

A steep rise in prices for diesel fuel and gasoline has forced school bus operators to consider ways to mini...
The unsung heroes of school transportation
April 1, 2000

We all know that school bus drivers are not paid enough, respected enough, or given enough recognition as professionals. On the brighter side, there have been improvements in the past few years.

Improving Your Parts Inventory Management
March 1, 2000

Computerized systems can improve parts department efficiency and make a mechanic's job easier.

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