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Posted on August 1, 2009

Mobile dispatch unit integrates GPS, messaging
The M-NAV 750 is a touch-screen device that integrates dispatch, messaging and GPS navigation in a single housing. The device features live traffic integration, routing based on vehicle class and built-in Bluetooth technology for a hands-free phone. The M-NAV 750 is integrated with Navman’s OnlineAVL2 vehicle tracking and logistics system.
Navman Wireless

New Dossier software includes fuel management system
Dossier Version 5.0 includes the Dossier Fuel Management System, which features new reports with decision support tools and a graphical dashboard that displays data summaries. The software also includes enhancements to the Dossier Daily Reminder dashboard, which displays fleet information with color graphs and charts.
Arsenault Associates

Camera system captures illegal bus passing incidents
The Specialized Camera System for School Buses captures images in front and on either side of a school bus, aiding in the identification of a motorist who fails to stop for the bus. The system’s exterior cameras activate when the stop arm on the side of the bus swings out.
Advent Product Development

Device monitors condition of fleet vehicle fluids
The IntelliStick Fleet Communications Pack detects individual IntelliStick oil condition monitors when vehicles return to the shop, sending data to the maintenance supervisor. A graph with each vehicle’s data displays loss of oil additives, oxidation, water contamination and fluid temperature. The pack communicates by Bluetooth between the central location and IntelliStick devices.
IntelliStick Inc.

Line splice repairs damage, prevents leak travel
The Line Splice can repair the damaged section of steel or aluminum lines, including air conditioning, transmission, heater and power steering lines. The device’s sealing sleeve is made of hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber that resists automotive fluids and seals against irregular tubing surfaces, helping to prevent the travel of leaks. A slotted tension ring with a tapered nut facilitates a tight grip on the tubing.
AirSept Inc.

Durable hex keys feature protective coating
Metric Blue Hex Key Sets feature a coating that provides 1,000-hour salt spray protection up to 25 times stronger than the corrosion protection of conventional hex key tools, and the keys are made of Tru-Tanium high-torque steel for maximum wrenching strength. The nine-piece sets range from M1.5 to M10 and the 12-piece sets range from M1.5 to M17. Each set comes with a carrying case.
Kimball Midwest

Pressure washer for heavy-duty vehicles, equipment
The 5700 Series hot water pressure washer features an upright coil for high efficiency and maintaining constant temperature using oil, natural gas or liquid propane. The washer also features a smart relay system that allows the user complete control over the run time, auto start/stop and time-delay shut down. It delivers 7.8 GPM at 3000 PSI, offering powerful cleaning ability suitable for dual-gun operation.
Hotsy Cleaning Systems

Solution seals coolant leaks, prevents overheating
Bar’s Leaks Liquid Aluminum Cooling System/Radiator Stop Leak is formulated to permanently seal the coolant leaks that cause overheating problems. It features Xtreme Cool, a proprietary wetting agent that reduces the surface tension of coolant, improves heat transfer and reduces coolant temperature. The solution is compatible with all types of antifreeze and is designed to be added directly to the vehicle’s cooling system.
Bar’s Leaks

Runway system for mobile column lift
The Mach 4 Plus is a mobile runway system for the Mach 4 Mobile Column Lift. Once the system is connected to the columns, vehicles weighing up to 60,000 lbs. can be driven onto the runway and the columns can be replaced with jack stands. It can lift vehicles with wheelbases up to 33 feet and be operated from any of its four columns.
Rotary Lift

Vacuum cups for windshield repair
Vi-Cas’ vacuum cups help to repair cracked or chipped vehicle windshields. As an integral part of the bridge system, the vacuum cups securely anchor the bridge mechanism to the windshield, keeping the injector firmly against the windshield during the epoxy injection process. The cups are available in numerous styles, sizes and materials. The company can also create custom designs based on customer-supplied drawings.
Vi-Cas Mfg.

Purifier rids fuel of water, contaminants
The Dieselcraft Purifier removes over 99 percent of the water and 95 percent of the contaminants found in diesel fuel without replaceable filter elements. There is nothing to dispose of aside from purging the water and particulates. The purifier can be mounted on a vehicle’s engine or at the fuel dispensing pump.
Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering

Kit converts vehicle’s fan drive to efficient two-speed unit
The DM Advantage and DriveMaster Two-Speed Conversion Kit converts a DM Advantage or DriveMaster On/Off Fan Drive to two-speed technology, which is ideal for cooling school buses and other on- and off-highway equipment with little to no air ram. The kit installs easily and is compatible with any 2.56-inch fan pilot.
Horton Inc.

Device tests condition of batteries and systems
The 390PT Digital Battery and System Tester is designed to test 6-, 12- and 24-volt batteries and systems. The device tests all lead acid battery types in both deep cycle and standard designs. A battery’s state of health or state of charge, and a system’s measurement reading are displayed on an easy-to-read screen. The 390PT is lightweight and encased in a shock-resistant rubber boot.
PulseTech Products Corp.

Gas leak detector equipped with three-position switch
The Tracerline TP-9363 PRO-Chek CG Combustible Gas Leak Detector is ideal for finding leaks in CNG-powered vehicles and propane tanks. The detector features a three-position switch with a sensitivity slide that helps pinpoint the location of the leak. Additional features include a variable auto alarm and flashing yellow LED to determine the size of the leak, and an auto-zero function that blocks out background gas levels.
Tracer Products

Fuel additive reduces engine operability problems
Wax Dispersing Additive (WDA) technology decreases paraffin wax crystal size and shape and disperses the smaller crystals throughout the fuel matrix, minimizing engine operability problems associated with fuel filter plugging below the cloud point temperature. WDA also improves fuel operability in temperatures 25 to 30 degrees below the cloud point.
Amalgamated Inc.

Oil filter boasts energy-efficient design
The f14 Stealth Oil Filter lacks a bottom plate. The filter assembly moves when bypass pressure is reached, exposing a set of orifices. With no bottom plate, pressure drop and oil flow restrictions do not exist, minimizing the oil pump’s required filtering energy, and the reinjection of surface debris is impossible.
Pareto Point Industries

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