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Posted on April 1, 2008

Line of waste oil heaters introduced
Landa Cleaning Systems’ four new waste oil heaters are equipped with an integrated air compressor, eliminating the need for shop air plumbing; a waste oil supply pump; multi-direction air louvers, enabling the user to direct heat where it is needed; and an easily accessible swing-out, removable burner. The heaters also have a BTU input that ranges from 155,000 to 500,000.
Landa Cleaning Systems

Ultra-bright LED work light available
The M907, an LED work light, has been added to Peterson Manufacturing’s Great White LED line. The 4-inch round light is equipped with 10 white diodes and a fresnel lens to produce an even beam of light. Vibration-resistant and hard-wired for durability, the M907 delivers 100,000 hours of diode life. It is available in a rubber housing, or separately for surface-mount or grommet-mount installation.
Peterson Manufacturing Co.

System analyzes driver skill, safety
The GreenRoad Safety Center System trains drivers in real time by combining in-vehicle technology with integrated Web applications. Sensors detect and analyze driver skill and maneuvers, and a “green, yellow, red” display continuously alerts the driver of his/her safety status. A tone can be set to signify unsafe driving.
GreenRoad Technologies

Capacitors designed for heavy-duty engines
Can-Crank high-powered, 12- and 24-volt Super Capacitors comply with vehicles that are accessory-laden and have depleted batteries. The devices, which can be fully recharged in less than 10 seconds and can operate in cold temperatures, are engineered for the heavy-duty market — models range in sizes to crank 200- to 600-hp engines.
Cantec Systems

Copper lugs for high-amp applications
Del City’s copper lugs can be crimped or soldered for connection in large-gauge, high-amp applications. They can be used with power distribution products, circuit breakers, battery disconnects and to create customized starter cables. The lugs are ideal for automotive, trailer, truck and RV applications, and are available in numerous stud sizes.
Del City

Compressor oil improves air conditioner performance
PAO-Oil 68 Plus UV, an air conditioner compressor oil, displaces dirt in the air conditioning system and forms a thin film on the surface of its components to increase cooling performance. The oil is designed for heavy-duty vehicle and equipment systems and includes a leak detection agent.
Behr Hella Service

GPS system for cell phone tracks buses, schedules routes
TeleNav Track is a GPS system for cell phones. It provides dispatchers with the ability to monitor, schedule and route school buses through an easy-to-use Web-based interface. The system also allows dispatchers to immediately respond to parent inquiries with regard to exact arrival times, without calling drivers for updates, and can provide turn-by-turn navigation for drivers.

Heater kits warm engines, maintain even temperature
E-Guardian Fuel-Operated Heater Kits come with impact switches and 1-inch coolant fittings. The heaters, which can be programmed to pre-heat an engine, maintain the proper engine cooling system temperature throughout normal start-stop vehicle operation. The E-Guardian 5 is a 17,000 BTU/ hour heater. The E-Guardian 8-12 series ranges to 42,000 BTU/hour; the E-Guardian 8 is capable of running on 100-percent biodiesel.
Espar Heater Systems


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