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Posted on October 1, 2007

Multi-purpose borescope available
The Tracerline TP-9350 COBRA is a borescope that can be used to inspect and leak-check numerous applications, including air-conditioning systems, fuel systems and radiators. The device, which is cordless and lightweight, features a clip-on inspection mirror and two service-free, integrated solid-state LEDs. One LED is ultraviolet for detecting surface flaws and fluorescent leaks, and the other is white for component inspection.
Tracer Products

Line of pressure washers introduced
Kärcher USA has developed a new line of electric, cold-water pressure washers. The four models each feature a pressure-controlled, automatic start/stop function, which ensures that the motor and pump shut down when the trigger is released. Additional features include variable water pressure, volume temperature control and detergent metering, a changeover nozzle and a low-pressure soap injection system with a special gun that allows the flow rate to be adjusted during washing.
Kärcher USA

Video provides student behavior management tips
Managing the Bus Environment is a training video developed by Dr. Nancy Blackwelder. By emphasizing the power of encouragement as well as consequence versus punishment, and by using respect, responsibility and safety as key concepts for bus rules, the video provides school bus drivers with tools to manage student behavior.

Device detects varying levels of precipitation, ice formation
The Ice*Meister Model 9734 Industrial Ice Detecting Sensor System is a digital sensor for use in static-air applications. Users provide raw input power and receive data output via indicator LEDs and isolating relay contacts. An interface board tunes the sensor head to specific applications. The device can detect the incipient formation of any kind of ice.
New Avionics Corp.

Notification system transmits information in seconds
The eAlert is a hosted, electronic notification system for e-mail accounts, pagers, cellular phones, SMS and other electronic devices. The system’s SAS-70 Type 2 data center sends the notifications — which can be translated into eight languages — at a rate of over 1 million messages per hour, enabling organizations to have immediate access to important information.
MIS Sciences Corp.

Book documents special-needs stories
The Short Bus: A Journey Beyond Normal chronicles the experiences of individuals with special needs. Author Jonathan Mooney traveled around the U.S. in a bus designed for special-needs students to discover how people with disabilities have (or have not) overcome being labeled “abnormal” or “different.”
Henry Holt & Company Inc.

Tool bends, shapes standard hoses
The Unicoil is a stainless steel automotive hose that can be used to bend most standard hoses to fit a variety of vehicles. After sliding the Unicoil down the outer portion of a hose to the desired area, the hose can be bent up to 90 degrees using hand pressure. The device is available in a range of sizes, from 1/4 inch to 1 inch in diameter.
Unicoil International

Receptacles offered in two new colors
United Receptacle has added two new colors to its Designer Line Silhouettes — Desert Pearl and Silver Metallic. The Silhouettes are equipped with folding retainer bands to hold and conceal poly bags, leg levelers to provide stability, hinged tops for easy emptying and optional, leak-proof plastic liners. The six models range in size from 12 to 50 gallons.
United Receptacle


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