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Posted on April 1, 2007

PTSI releases 2007 Resource Catalog
The 2007 edition of the Pupil Transportation Safety Institute’s (PTSI) “Resource Catalog” features a plethora of information, including new products and training videos, directories of PTSI staff members and available national courses, management tools and “Bullying Prevention” campaign materials. The 48-page guide also includes a convenient product index section and a product order form.

Round LED light introduced
SoundOff Signal’s surface mount 3.5-inch Round LED light functions as an exterior entry light to properly illuminate the curb and stepwell for buses. The waterproof light contains high-power, four-pin super flux LEDs, a low .35 amp draw and is also certified as a backup/reverse light.
SoundOff Signal

Camera designed for buses
The compact Axis 209FD-R network camera is designed to resist the vibrations, dust and high humidity typically found in mass transit vehicles. The network camera measures less than 1.6 inches high and provides crisp digital video over an IP network. The camera can be connected to an onboard recording device via an Ethernet cable.
Axis Communications

New filter extends coolant life
The Donaldson Endurance Plus Coolant filter features additive replenishment technology that is suited for direct replacement to a standard coolant filter in engines without requiring modification or special maintenance. The replenishing coolant additive technology extends coolant life and protects against corrosion, cavitation erosion, scale deposits and inhibitor drop.
Donaldson Company

Brake pads, rotors are cryogenically treated
The warp-resistant ICERotors brake rotors and ICEPads brake pads are cryogenically treated to improve a significantly longer product lifespan. Tests purport that cryogenically treated brake rotors last six times longer than non-treated rotors and cryogenically treated brake pads gain up to an 80 percent increase in product lifespan.

Tools feature nickel finish, patented gripping technology
The Pro-Gear line of professional-grade tools features the company’s “Interlock” mechanism, which stays engaged while under torque load, and a nickel finish for added corrosion-resistance and durability. The Bionic Wrench and Bionic Grip feature patented gripping technology, and the wrench fits a variety of pipes and tubes.
LoggerHead Tools

Copper terminals and solder slugs make battery repairs easy
The Del City easy-to-use combination copper terminals and solder slugs are ideal for solving problematic battery cable connections. The copper battery terminals can easily be connected via crimping or soldering the terminal to the wire. While crimping offers a solid mechanical connection, soldering is recommended due to its dialectic strength and superior conductivity.
Del City

Waytek extends electrical wiring supplies product line
The Power Relay Module features two new female fuse positions and a sealed 70-amp relay. It is available with or without an output connector and works with JCASE cartridge style fuses. The Power Fuse Module (pictured) holds two fuses — each a separate circuit — and features a silicon seal and a removable cover, which offers a weather-tight enclosure for the fuse positions.

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