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Posted on March 1, 2007

Workshop teaches student safety drills
Designed to be used in a classroom or on the school bus, PTSI’s revised and renamed “School Bus Safety Drills: Student Evacuation Readiness” workbook provides emergency evacuation tips and procedures, and equips drivers and attendants with information needed to conduct student safety drills. Materials include an instructor guide, 25 workbooks, PowerPoint slides, a safety drill completion form, a quiz and invitation and thank-you form letters.



New DPF cleaning system offered
Donaldson Company’s two-stage Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) cleaning system simplifies routine cleaning and is ideal for maintenance facilities servicing vehicles equipped with DPF filters. The self-contained Pulse Cleaner dislodges diesel ash and soot from the DPF while the specially designed DPF Thermal Regenerator removes hydrocarbons and unburned soot through a timed heating and cooling cycle.

Donaldson Company


DVR/VCR temperature monitoring device unveiled
Seon’s Smart-Temp is an internal temperature monitoring and regulating device that ensures the company’s DVR and VCR surveillance equipment is operating at optimum levels. If the base temperature drops below the optimal operating level, an internal heater kicks in to ensure prime conditions. Likewise, if the base temperature surpasses the safe operating level, a fan automatically turns on.



Routing solution tracks sexual predators
The latest incarnation of VersaTrans Solutions’ flagship routing software, VersaTrans 9.5 includes a sexual predator tracking feature that enables school districts and transportation providers to visually identify the address location of sexual predators within the district.

VersaTrans Solutions


New DVR system is pocket-portable
The pocket-portable SUV-Cam digital recording system has no cumbersome cables or equipment to install, can be attached to poles, dashboards and partitions inside the bus, is operated by pushing one button and can be used as a hand-held point-and shoot camera.



Diesel evaluation procedure specializes in fuel-saving technology
The Combustion Monitoring Program uses standard diagnostic equipment and, when used conjointly with the Mirenco Diesel Evaluation Procedure, measures and records “real-time” combustion engine efficiency.

Mirenco Inc.


Emergency oxygen cabinets designed specifically for school buses
The O2 Bus Buddy is a steel cabinet used to safely transport a student’s personal oxygen onto a school bus. The Bus Buddy can be affixed to the installed seat rail on the side and the floor of the school bus with little or no modifications. It was tested in accordance to AMD Standard 003.

Initial Response Inc.


Electric booster pump increases heater capability This compact, high-flow electric booster pump can be remote mounted and utilizes the latest in motor and controller technology to allow for extremely high performance to maximize heater capability.

Engineered Machined Products Inc.


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