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Posted on February 1, 2007

Comprehensive workshop teaches rail grade safety
Incorporating industry guidelines and National Safety Council grade-crossing safety recommendations, the Pupil Transportation Safety Institute’s “Trains Can’t Stop” workshop features a teaching guide and 25 driver workbooks. Also included are PowerPoint slides, a National Transportation Safety Board accident report, grade-crossing safety checklist, quiz evaluation form and sample invitation and thank-you form letters.


New LED designed for side turn procedures
SoundOff Signal’s latest LED incarnation designed for side turn school bus applications features both Generation III and Generation II technology. Three high-output Generation III diodes emit a powerful signal toward the rear of the bus while five Generation II diodes flash to the bus’ side, providing an enhanced turn signal.
SoundOff Signal


Upgraded software boasts new caching options
VersaTrans RP Version 9.6 upgrades the Version 9.5 map caching capabilities and time-saving enhancements, and is available online for download. VersaTrans RP 9.6 allows multiple databases to be cached on a single PC, has been expanded to include street and boundaries caching and has enhancements to scrolling boundary assignments, bus path calculations and driver sign on/sign off display times.
VersaTrans Solutions


QP muffler unveiled
The patented Quiet Performance (QP) muffler is designed to increase fuel mileage by theoretically scavenging, or pulling the exhaust downstream. The muffler can be used for both heavy trucks and school buses.
Grand Rock


Video provides drivers with behavioral management tips
Coastal’s 12-minute training video, “School Bus Drivers: Dealing With Behavior,” defines what constitutes unacceptable bus behavior, outlines successful management techniques for dealing with student misconduct and explains behavioral management preventive measures. The video package includes 10 training handbooks.
Coastal Training Technologies Corp.


Mobile management solution focuses on student safety
Comet Tracker is a mobile management solution that incorporates built-in GPS tracking capabilities, enabling school officials to locate and monitor bus and student activity, view history and generate and analyze data through extensive reporting capabilities. Also, Comet Tracker lets drivers scan student ID cards that are equipped with a bar code or RFID reader, ensuring student tracking.
ActSoft Inc.


Smart connector streamlines security system installation
The Smart-Link wiring consolidator enhances Seon’s Explorer Digital System by transforming it into the full-monitoring Explorer Plus system. Smart-Link can receive up to seven inputs, including GPS, alarms and Seon’s Driver Indicator. In addition, it connects to the DVR with only one cable, and the cable linking the Explorer DVR and the Smart-Link can be up to 10 feet away.
Seon Design Inc.


Wheelchair lift features “Brain Box” technology
The WL7 Smart-Lift meets all federal wheelchair lift regulations, lifts more than 800 pounds, can fit all bed heights up to 48 inches and includes advanced features such as Rattle-Resistant Technology and the Brain Box. An onboard diagnostic tool, the Brain Box includes fault indicators for numerous safety functions, monitors voltage and current draw and warns of improper grounding.
Maxon Mobility


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