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Posted on December 1, 2004

‘Black box’ could shed light on school bus crash

STOCKWELL, Ind. — State police obtained a search warrant to retrieve an electronic data recorder on a delivery truck that collided with a school bus. According to, investigators hoped the device, which is similar to the “black box” recorders on airliners, could help determine what caused the accident. Three girls were seriously injured when the truck slammed into the rear of the bus and crushed the back row.

School bus drivers link GPS plan with Big Brother

BOSTON — Bus drivers and city officials clashed during a city council hearing over a proposed law to have GPS equipment installed on all 720 of the city’s privately contracted school buses. Drivers threatened to reject a labor union contract if the proposal moved forward. According to, the drivers union suggested that satellite tracking devices were tools for spying, while school officials pointed to the tracking, safety and security aspects of GPS technology.

Girl attacked by pit bull near school bus stop

BEND, Ore. — A 7-year-old girl who had just gotten off her school bus was attacked by a pit bull. According to the Bend Bulletin, the dog charged at the girl from about 50 yards away, knocking her to the ground, pawing her and biting her in the buttocks. The dog was quarantined at a local Humane Society until its owner appeared in court.

Delaware contractors seek to offset rising fuel costs

LAUREL, Del. — Private school bus operators met with state lawmakers to discuss additional help to offset the rising cost of fuel. According to, some contractors said that the problem could force them to curb bus routes. The state does provide funding for fuel and other costs, such as insurance, but operators said they need more to pay the bills.

School bus driver crashes 4 times, calls it quits

WILBURTON, Okla. — A bus driver for the Buffalo Valley School District resigned after allegedly crashing his school bus four times while under the influence of drugs. The crashes occurred within about an hour while there were as many as 30 students on the bus. No injuries were reported. The debacle ended when a student pulled the keys from the vehicle’s ignition.

District shifts bus stop to safer location

SOUTH HADLEY, Mass. — Officials at South Hadley Public Schools moved a bus stop after an accident raised safety concerns. According to The Republican, a motorist hit a bus at the location after swerving to avoid students preparing to board. No children were hurt, but the man suffered minor injuries. The district superintendent said the stop was moved the next day because visibility had been limited for drivers coming over a hill toward the stop.

Driver safely evacuates bus before it bursts into flames

MILFORD, Conn. — A school bus driver pulled over her bus and evacuated the students aboard shortly before the vehicle burst into flames. School officials said the driver felt heat near her feet and noticed smoke coming from the engine. According to, the driver and the 42 students aboard were not injured, but the bus was a total loss.

New York teen charged in stabbing incident on bus

HANNIBAL, N.Y. — A 14-year-old student stabbed another student in the back on a school bus. Authorities said there didn’t appear to be provoking or any other reason for the attack. The victim was treated at a local hospital for the stab wound, while the 14-year-old was arrested and charged with juvenile delinquency, according to


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