Quiz Your School Bus Technicians

Posted on January 1, 2002

The following questions are from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) test for school bus technicians, which certifies technicians as the best in their industry. Which is the best location for a school bus first aid kit? (A) The floor by the stepwell (B) On the rear emergency door (C) In the tool box (D) In the driver’s area The driver complains that the school bus will not crank. The most likely cause is: (A) Loose starter bolts (B) An open vandal lock circuit (C) A shorted starter ground cable (D) The gear selector left in neutral The rear axle in a Type C school bus is noisy on deceleration. Which of these is the most likely cause? (A) A worn ring and pinion (B) A worn carrier bearing (C) A bad front pinion bearing (D) A bad rear pinion bearing A school bus has an uneven braking problem. Which could be the cause? (A) A binding treadle (foot) valve (B) Low brake line air pressure (C) A bad brake drum (D) A bad governor Which could cause the front tires to show a feathered edge wear pattern? (A) A wrong toe setting (B) A wrong camber setting (C) A wrong caster setting (D) Wrong tire pressures Which could cause the heater blower motor to operate at low speed only? (A) An open ground (B) A bad heater switch (C) A binding blower cage (D) A wiring short to the heater Answers: (D), (B), (C), (C), (A), (B)

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