Oxygen transport guide

Posted on February 1, 2002
The Maryland State Department of Education has published a new resource to help manage the transport of oxygen on school buses. The tips were developed by school transportation professionals, educators and health care practitioners. Here are some of the guidelines for securing oxygen containers: • All respiratory-related equipment must be securely mounted or fastened to a wheelchair, bus seat or bus floor during transit. • Compressed gas oxygen cylinders should be secured to prevent movement. Specific procedures should be developed by school districts with assistance from the oxygen supplier and manufacturer. • Liquid oxygen containers should be secured in an upright position. • Liquid oxygen containers should be secured to prevent contact with cryogenic material. • Liquid oxygen containers must be stored in a well-ventilated area. • All oxygen containers should be secured in a location that would allow all passengers free access or egress from emergency exits. Signs should be posted stating that: • seats should be assigned considering the student’s proximity to heaters. • The school bus attendant should be able to continuously observe the student. • All storage, transportation and usage requirements specified by equipment manufacturers must be met.
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