A Busing Contract

Posted on December 1, 2001
To reduce behavior problems down the road, you may want to start the year off with a student busing contract that lays out expectations for appropriate rider behavior. Also, whenever possible, include students in the creation of bus-riding rules. This will give them more buy-in. Here’s a sample bus contract to be issued before transporting: 1. I understand that transportation by school bus is a privilege. It is my responsibility to listen to the driver, ride quietly and follow the bus rules. 2. I understand that safety and order are important. This means not hurting others by teasing, put-downs, threats or physical injury. It means respecting the personal space of others as well as helping the driver do a good job. It is my responsibility to behave safely and contribute to an orderly environment. 3. I understand I have a right to choose how to behave. It is my responsibility to accept the consequences. The contract should include the date and spaces for the following signatures: driver, student, teacher, principal and parent. If a student breaks this contract, it is time to talk. Use a form that includes the following questions: • Today I broke the busing contract which I signed on [date]. • Here is what happened: • Next time I could: • It is my responsibility to: • I have talked with my parents about the above problem and will change my behavior. • Student signature • Parent comments Contact: Dr. Frank Finney, Educator Support Services, (250) 365-3482 or [email protected]
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